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Since my first comment I have managed to come up with some hypotheses that align with some of the game, but no idea if it gets me any further

I get that you can't give away much, but what you have given players is a zip file, a game, and the single goal of finding enough info to obtain a password. I swear I came across a mention somewhere that hints would be posted on social media, but I've only found gifs showing basic gameplay mechanics.

I've played games with secret languages before and many other puzzle games, but without in game feedback or even an idea of what is signal and what is noise, I feel like I am just spinning wheels in the mud

Just in case it isn't clear, I have completed the game and revisited a few areas.

So I've tried cracking the puzzle for a few days now and I can't seem to make any headway, and I keep coming away with more questions than answers

I feel like the "clues" and text are too sparse to actually indicate anything meaningful and there's no proper path to decoding anything.

Did you actually test this on people that weren't developers and have you tried to solve it while thinking in another language (is it even expecting a specific language?)
There might be a language barrier here that is unaccounted for.

Interesting idea, but the collisions are really inconsistent due to the particles, making it very hard to move through some areas.

It's cute but there's not really much to do besides jumping around and looking at stuff. Very short as well.