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So much lag unplayable

Incredibly lag and unplayable

All paid games should have demos. Otherwise get them from other sites..

There's a group on Steam who have made it their mission to report and disgrace indie developers who use assets not of their own. I first experienced them some years ago, when their group leader and a YouTube reviewer attacked a new developer for his block-building game. Long-short, they destroyed the Review and Discussion sections with unproven claims of content theft and 'Asset Flipping'.
He stopped working on games altogether.

Recently, I found a post on their group about a couple of similar-looking games, calling the devs 'sock accounts' and of course, Asset-Flipper. (Although, looking at their other games, I start to wonder). I performed a reverse-image search on one of the screenshots, which lead to discovering the Superpowers pack. Sparklin Labs says the packs are free, and I haven't looked at what's all included, so here are my questions.

- How much content should be used to prevent being called a 'dirty dev'? The game's they found have low reviews, playtime, and sell for $13-34, with game bundles at $45, so I don't see it ending well for those developers if the group goes after them.

- If you are honest, how do you deal with users who accuse you of being a fraud, and slandering your name in reviews and videos?

Because it's UnrealEngine. Everything is bloated and unpolished

Or you could just download Super Mario X which has been around before Nintendo's Mario Maker. 

Awesome thanks! I figured itd be a simple   to do.

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For those with a download error, install it from Chrome instead of the itch client.

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Couldn't exit the Blacksmith after buying a bunch of gear at the start of the game. Pressed every key and clicked everywhere. Even tried dragging the characters off screen. ESC works though.

Can't stand Jessika's voice, you can really hear the man.

Nice little idle clicker.   Disappointed that there's no mining animation on the pick, and the different machine rows all print the exact same coin. Wold be nice to at least have them different colors. Each next coin would be worth a bit more.

The Crafting aspect must have been done last..

Nothing works. Can't close the window on the left, none of the tabs show anything, there aren't even any options.

All my Spears are held upright and I cannot attck with them!!

The production plants are already built and set in place so I think you're just connecting lines?

Equip the shovel, look at grass or ground, click LMB, nothing happens.

Equip Pick, look at stone in the corner, click LMB, nothing happens.

Equip Axe, look at wooden hut, log on ground, log with chop marks, click LMB, nothing happens.

Tool won't even swing in the air.

Fix your game.

Can't launch without this error, then Kasperski starts telling me about registry keys and IExplorer.. I don't know what they are for, or where the library is already installed, but I know I have Java.

Game won't load in Firefox, Not found on Google Play store.