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Very nice job! Do you also have some platform sprites and foliage in this theme and color pallet?

This is pure Genius! Thanks!

You have some serious skills!! This looks awesome! Thanks!

Wow this is a serious package! Thanks, can I use this in my (soon to be commercial) game? I cannot read Russian (is that Russian)!?

Can you also make a grenade launcher, sniper, bazooka and a plasma ray gun? :-) That would complete my guns in game! 


That's a very nice system and a good way to build up your guns. I'm looking for inspiration and drawing them myself would end up looking like bananas... xD May I use your building blocks to create my own guns then? :-) Would be a real help to me, I'm just as a starving coder as you said, and have to rely on the free game art that is out in this world! :P Thanks anyway!

Hi Stepford,

This looks very nice, I'm also making a pixel art shooter, but other than yours. :) I would love to know where you found those guns... I'm looking for this type of different guns. can you provide me of a link or download for those guns? thanks! :D

Hey Alex,

I'm developing a pixel-art game of my own and your player character suits my game very well. Is it possible to use this in my game? I can mention you in the credits if you like.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards!