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Wow this is a serious package! Thanks, can I use this in my (soon to be commercial) game? I cannot read Russian (is that Russian)!?

Can you also make a grenade launcher, sniper, bazooka and a plasma ray gun? :-) That would complete my guns in game! 



Yes this is Russian, for some reason I thought that the site translates the language, but apparently not) 

Yes, of course you can use it in your game) 

Also do not forget to share your game in the comments, I’m interested to see what you did) 

New types of weapons will be added in the near future)

And remember that coins help me to develop and create even more interesting content,
and most importantly make it free)) 

And thanks again))

hello) I updated the weapons pack here, I think you will find something interesting)

You have some serious skills!! This looks awesome! Thanks!

thanks) do not forget to show what you have done, I am interested to look at your project)