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I had a very stressful day and this was a blast. So wholesome <3

Truly a haunting, beautiful experience.

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Incredible atmosphere, the end made me go "WOW" out loud. Good job!

We can wait! This already looks amazing <3

I really enjoyed the artstyle and art direction! Great job!!

Fun premise, witty dialogue and a nice pace, so I say it's another good game from my favorite team <3 

A short, but haunting experience, with very nice writing. I could definitely feel the satoshi kon vibes you aimed for. It's also always nice to see italian developers in the credits - can't wait to try "Beyond Your Window" and "Reverie", keep up with the good work!

i'm so happy for them!!! :')

I needed something this sweet. The art style is simply gorgeous <3 

The art is gorgeous and the story so poetic and cute!

I loved the artwork! The character design is extremely cute <3 

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I've had this in my "will play it one day" playlist for literal years now. But I'm glad I waited. I'm at a point in my life where, despite being an adult and having my life (supposedly) sorted out, I've been questioning my sexual orientation. I don't know what pushed me into finally playing this game, but I just wanna thank you because it was...just... SO terapeuthic and calming, and charming, and lovely. I just wished it was longer because it deserves to be so much more than it is.

Thank you for making this. I played Pom again and again back in the day and I think I'll replay this one as well in the future. And I can't wait to have to buy it with the bonus art!! 

Unnerving and very nuanced. I'll be thinking about the ending for a while! So glad I got this in the justice bundle, keep up the good work!

How can a game be so simple yet so excruciatingly difficult?? I don't know, but they made it and I loved it


Really lovely and unique experience. I really enjoyed it!

Really well made and put together, I'm not usually for puzzle games but I had a blast with this and I loved the overall aesthetic!!

This was... truly wonderful. Stellar writing and concept. I loved it.

Such a cute, little gem this is.

I actually enjoyed the inside jokeyness, it felt very heartwarming and realistic, made me feel part of "something" even if I couldn't understand the references or such!

Incredible and haunting in every aspect. A gem that lets its visuals narrate its story. I loved it.

I loved EVERYTHING about this. Very atmospheric and good voice acting!! 

I would die for Mr Mayor

This genuinely put a smile on my face :) and I loved the "fight" scene!! 

This was so cute and relaxing and the art style is gorgeous. Thank you for making this!!