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Sorry for not playing the game, but watching the video the gates passing you seemed too intense an effect. Could it be more subtle, less distracting?

It's a really difficult game, most of the time what you are supposed to do feels more like a glitch. I mean if during rewinding you are still colliding with everything, then how the heck can you go through the other cube? Interesting idea, but the execution is lacking and it's not intuitive (which I believe the first few levels of a puzzle game should be.)

Thank you. You were more informative than I expected. :)

Hi, I am thinking of releasing a game with the same pricing model as you - that is optional. I don't expect to make a lot of money and I understand to get exposure it's best to be free. But I would like to ask - do you get even a reasonable sum from this pricing? Like enough to pay half the rent (of a flat, not offices)?  How many people would I lose if I sell the game at like 3 dollars? 

PINK community · Created a new topic The audio

The game audio (both music and sfx) are cute at the start, but they get annoying pretty quickly.

Hi, please change the rule for Foundation operations. Don't record the exact one foundation, but just the type. Currently the bots are useless for bringing materials to building sites, as they will only do one building and then keep bringing materials to the same place. This would be especially useful in that I wouldn't have to build fences manually anymore.