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I very much respect you for doing this, I didn't expect it to be 'this' transparent, but that's a good thing.

I will be not reacting to your post since I'm tired of you, this is the last thing I say before I completely shut you off since you're a lost cause, you're a toxin to this community, not needed. Have a good day and bye.

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you're still not done? are we doing this again? you're not even moving on from it, grow up. you're the scumbag, accusing people because they're butthurt because their idea is rejected because it goes against the rules of retro games.
(also the game's abandoned now, she's on full on focus on Bloodborne Kart, and the source code of both will be released once that game is complete.) Also, FYI, you're blocked now, child, I am not wasting my precious time on you since you're a child with lame af insults.

no problem man

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no it's not, also processes it first before publishing, it takes minutes as well, you can't post malware, same on gamejolt. I made this so all of you don't even install fake versions (just ads) from other sources.

Nicky Case is the genius man, check out his other games, they're great and also reflects reality!

I'm not the creator of this game but it looks interesting, I don't have that much knowledge with modern game engines so I don't think I can use it. Post it on other sites.

UE4 doesn't support those unfortunately, only DX 11, even if she tried to force it, the engine will not have options for that.

you click stuff

that's great launcher

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Not me, Nicky Case is the one who made it but I appreciate you for checking it out.

not yet released, they ported it to android first but it was atrocious so they abandoned it, and they will port it to mobiles once the game engine has changed. (not yet)

interesting, someone decompiled it instead

oh interesting, because it works on 4th gen Intel HD GPU, and your GPU is better than this (maybe?)

that should work, maybe install latest drivers, you have a decent Intel processor

that should work, maybe install latest drivers, you have a decent Intel processor

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trans, also on their bio on twitter bruh and discord profile, I also call "them" sometimes.
(so you don't accept trans people, you arsehole?)

she will, someday after bloodborne kart is complete, she will also release the source code of that as well.

not, unless someone's insane enough to decompile it and make it from scratch, but wait for the release of the source code, maybe someone's gonna port it to mobile, or other platforms. although it will be released someday after bloodborne kart is done, and that will take months.

really? other streamers tried to use ps4 controllers but they have to run it through steam to use it

you do need to mention your specs, also did you install your latest drivers, fatal error is fine than DX feature level 10 error

dev has also published the previous version as well

just use x360ce and set your controller there, bbpsx only supports xbox controllers atm.

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redirected them from gamejolt because I don't have any plans to turn the videos into youtube videos, maybe a  devlog video if the game is 20% complete or more with all of this compiled in one, the game is about 10% complete in its current state.

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devlog 1 -
devlog 2 -
extra 1 -
devlog 3 -
extra 2 -
devlog 4 -
extra 3 -
extra 4 -
devlog 5 -
devlog 6 -
devlog 7 -
devlog 8 -
extra 5 -
devlog 9 -

devlog 10 -

devlog 11 -

You can see all of the devlogs on the game here.

yeah, the launcher mostly modified something in there.

I wonder how launcher messes up applications, instead of launch them, you download the same thing anyway, rendering it useless.

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the splitscreen one, I always put that one on the top for people to see. (unless I get sticky)

check my post, there's a photo guide there on how to set up your controller.

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hm, maybe visual studio redistributables 2015 - 2019 and directx9 end-user runtime's missing?

yeah, use x360ce, and rebind your controller there

very nice

it works fine with xbox 360 controller, not dinput just yet, if you have a controller that's not xbox, use x360ce.

the voice type

you type WHATIFITWAS then press enter, then what text you want, press enter then done.
not all in one, not WHATIFITWAS insert name here.

extract the folder, find the bbpsx.exe in windowsnoeditor folder.

ue4 prerequisites should fix it though