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delete this now, frick off

First of all, this is not my game, Nicky Case is the one that made the game (you should support him), and I'm the one who just ported it to Android, and second, I'm not that great when it comes to wordplay and story compared to him, that he can send the message in a few minutes while playing his games, but I might, I have no plans for this type of games right now, as I have a few games that I want to develop right now before this, follow me on GameJolt or just visit me there so you can download my other games (they're not available at at the moment, but maybe I'll post them here in the future.)

i have no idea what's the problem, it should work, what's your phone?

Ich habe keine Ahnung was das Problem ist, es sollte funktionieren, was ist dein Handy?
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ehh, this is supposed to reflect on the social media right now where negativity ensues, and bad things get viral on the internet.

uh, i don't understand, yes, this game is free just like the original by nicky case

uhh, i can download your games, you just publish the game

stupid, it's a HORROR game, HORROR themes are supposed to make you jump or scare you.

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get out and do not blame the dev.

he needs money since he's only the one making this game.

Being a youtuber doesn't mean you have the privileges to get free games you want, other youtubers buy it, and you don't deserve it because you act like a child, these youtubers are popular and are not rude as you are.

Also in full caps, just get out of the Internet. I'm so sick of you rude people.

this comment section is atrocious, please disable it.

get out pls, we don't need people like you if you're just gonna complain like a child, and language is not necessary so get out.

Lárgate, por favor, no necesitamos gente como tú si te vas a quejar como un niño, y el lenguaje no es necesario, así que lárgate.

Thanks, but I only ported it.

Nicky Case is the one that developed it.

check Dani's discord, maybe they can help with that

yeah, of course

I see, the game is pretty good though, and Dani is actively updating with stuff and bug fixes (check the discord).

read pls

remove this, no self promotion

what kind of question is that, PC can only use actual VR equipment.

that's your problem, do not blame the dev, he put in steam so players can join easily on multiplayer.

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You have Steam? (and an account of course)

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the thing is it is supposed to be not published in steam, however it requires port fowarding in order to play multiplayer, but most people doesn't know what that is since most multiplayer games uses IP or there's a menu where you can select servers.

He put in Steam, so the players will not struggle to join in multiplayer and also, the game's networking code uses Steam to set its lobbies and players. 

Also that's a dumb reason to not use Steam, it's really easy to play multiplayer with  this system.

You cannot play it if you don't use Steam, why won't you do it?

yes, we know. It's "inspired", read the desc dummy.

it is terrible, i can't play modern games with atleast 30 fps even in low lol.

my GPU got toasted, so i have to use Intel dumb graphics.

mostly youtubers use GTX instead of RTX actually.

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what, i have a terrible PC that plays this at 60 FPS, no dedicated graphics, just a dumbass 4th gen Intel integrated graphics.

also how youtubers did play this, their PC specs are close or similar to what you have.

I honestly didn't expect that too.


Oh yeah, I forgot I see.

Thanks for informing!

okay, it's fine

well good then

maybe wait for it, charting a song is hard than making art.

you can basically connect every controller to pc, then use antimicro (alternative to joytokey) and assign keys.

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what do you mean? other people played it, is that enough information?

And also it is the official site.

Maybe you're cautious so you don't get viruses? But please, don't be THAT cautious, is a trusted site for playing indie games, gamejolt is a trusted site too, they process the game files too before it gets published, so it is safe.

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what do you mean? u scared? dingus it is safe.

did you not play games on a computer before?

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French/Français : D'accord, désolé pour l'attente puisque je me concentre sur les jeux que j'ai créés sur GameJolt ( et que je me suis distrait mais c'est maintenant disponible!  (Notez également que certains textes ne correspondent pas du tout à l'écran en raison de la longueur du texte en raison de votre langue, mais ce n'est pas grave car c'est bien si vous êtes dans le jeu lui-même.)

English : Okay, sorry for the wait since I'm focusing on games I made on GameJolt ( and got distracted but it's now available!

(Also a note, some texts do not fit the screen at all due to length of the text due to your language, but it's not a big deal since it's fine if you're in the game itself.)

Je ne suis pas français, j'ai utilisé Google Translate.

I am not a French, I used Google Translate.

yeah, but no need to install unity

you don't need unity, it's for making games, not a runtime like java or visual c

lol you don't need unity, it's for making games, not a runtime like java or visual c

dis a good game lol

install directx9