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Ooh that's really cool, can't believe I didn't find that in my research. Glad you liked it!

Appreciate the feedback! The physics are pretty basic yeah, I'm no programmer so it's just from an asset pack. It follows logic, but it doesn't care about momentum, just where you hit something.

Randomization and such is tricky, I initially planned to do scrolling levels which would allow for longer poems similar to verses (in which case I'd have a few more lives). I didn't personally feel it got old that fast with set words, and scrambling them would remove any strategy in trying to pair up distant words and such, but I'll keep it in mind if I keep working on it.

The insults are meant to be light hearted and should be pretty mild unless you don't break a single block, but they may be a poor fit for the tone in the end.

This was nice. Is the music an existing track or did you make it yourself (and in that case, is there any way to get it)? It complemented the puzzles really well.