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Joey Staps

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Amazing game! even my grandma enjoyed it!

You are allowed to use english for your game title. Also if you want to take on more challenges that is also allowed

Nice game. although its difficult too see what is a platform since the contrast between the platform and lines is not that noticable.

Yea of course, I do not see why that shouldn't be allowed.

I am sorry for the earrape I did not know

No the chosen challenge is about rotation

Yes I know how awful it is, but its just something experimental.

You dont have to make it randomized. the challenge is about rotation

98 Jam community · Posted in Team

yes of course


I mean I am not stopping you. I assume people who join just do it for fun and I have no issues if you start right now.

98 Jam community · Posted in amm..

To give people enough time to think about idea's for their game.

You don't need music or audio. although some of the challenges imply you to have audio so I suggest having audio there.

Nope. Any genre is ok

Yes of course. You are allowed any tool you would like

You are allowed to use it. Though i recommend giving it credit so people can recreate that element of your game if they want to

You are allowed to work together with others. If anyone else is looking for someone to work with there is a discord for communicating with others.

This jam is about having fun. So i do not mind if u started a bit earlier aslong as you are having fun.

You are allowed to use assets made before like shaders or others. If u are planning to use code made by someone else, you can aslong you refer to the source. So the anwser to your question is yes.

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback. Although I wasn't planning on working on this game anymore as it was just some testing and learning for me. But this issue you pionted out can help me be more aware next time working on a different title. And for the answer for A there are 3 the last one being the infinite loop.

By the looks of it. it will only be people who entered the gamejam and submitted a game

I love the idea of the game, It's amazing to see what you created with just one line of characters

Both Submitters & contributors can vote on entries



A game i made while being intoxicated

- Pirates

- Social media

- Out of bounds

- Bug as game mechanic

- 4 color pallet

(Ps: I am happy to join this game jam again <3)

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ach yee toch, mijn computer systeem denkt dat dit z'n virus is. Daarom heb ik het wonderbaarlijke spelletje van jou niet kunnen spelen ,