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you kill armoured bees w/ dash ability. dash does damage to bees and removes armour

you need to dash into them. i discovered it on accident

v good. i like it alot

Game is fun, would be great to add more polish, was difficult to understand at first.

would appreciate if you played and rated my game :)

Game is fun, would be great to add more polish, was difficult to understand at first.

would appreciate if you played and rated my game :)

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The game is very buggy and confusing at first. but when you figure it out and it works, it is very fun to play. would greatly appreciate if you tried out my game!

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game was fun, however it was not clear what was happening at first. and the balls being shot out do damage even after colliding with the wall, making death inevtiable as it is near impossible to dodge the pool of balls on the ground, anyways, good job!

the game is a fun and interesting puzzle concept. the puzzles are quite difficult (or im just dumb) the only thing i would really suggest is to add some music or sound effects as when i was playing it was completely silent.

 i love it. well polished, great concept which is well executed. The game is very difficult though (unless i'm just being dumb)

fantastic game. the art, musica and all! can't believe it was made in only 50 hours!

i love it. gameplay is smooth and fun, game is short but sweet, yet I still can't believe it was made in 48 hours!

Thank you for taking the time to play my game!

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Thank you for the feedback! i would have loved to add more characters and dialogue, but i only had one day as i was editing a video on the friday and it was my mum's birthday on the sunday.

i guess i  just didn't see it, maybe for a future update after the jam it might be good to add a  /50 to the text boxes to indicate your progress,

its was a  VERY good submission though, i loved playing it for the time that i did.

it was good, it was fun, it was a nice submission. my critique is just a little harsh at times :)

Gameplay is that of a regular platformer, with an exceptionally heavy character, the randomly selected levels is a meh experience. Game has a chill atmosphere and a easy-to-understand tutorial 

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The game is good. the premise is confusing at first but makes sense after the first few rounds. very interesting but while playing i am unsure of any goal. The game is buggy also, at one point i attempted to move inbetween rooms and got stuck inside a tree. the music is fine while playing but since there is now way to turn the music off or pause the game it is often quite jarring and loud. when you try to switch tabs. 

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The game has beautiful graphics and map design and the movement is good. The game is quite confusing and difficult to grasp. There appear to be lots of story elements in the environment but without much to interact with im am unsure what is even happening. 7/10

Gameplay is moderately fun, but not particularly polished. some extra particle effects could have been added, more sound effects etc. but the main issue  with the game is the lack of introduction. the game just opens up and straight away starts, there were also no hints about the controls, it took some time to figure out. 6/10


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will do :P