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whoops, I should add those! lol

Thank you :) 

Fantastic work! Your art skills really shined :) 

Really glad you enjoyed it :) thanks for the video!

Super glad the game's atmosphere showed through lol thanks for playing!

Really glad to hear the game had you immersed, that's the sort of thing we were aiming for. Thank you for playing :)

lol loving all the images of the character. None of us are character modelers and it was a big challenge! I'm suprised it scared anyone. Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed the puzzle! Thanks for playing.

We really appreciate your feedback! Those things you brought up are definitely the ones we had in mind to improve. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the vid :)

Thank you for playing, and thank you for sharing your video with us!

If there was ever a box for the game "scared by balls off" would definitely be quoted on it lol thanks for the review!

Really glad to hear that! Thank you for the kind words and looking forward to the LP bud!

Loved the video guys! Thanks for playing :)

Loved the video man! The scare around 7:20 was priceless :)

We've definitly been talking about it! Thank you for playing and loved the video :)

Hey everyone! We just let our newest project into the wild. Overtime is a short horror experience with light mystery elements.

Let me know what you all think :)

Download Overtime here: Overtime Page