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Joe Forevs

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Very cool game. Strangely, I didnt find the movement slippery.

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Great game! I really liked how you fit the theme without RNG.

I really liked the game, only one problem I found though: It seems obvious where to go, I was hoping more of a challenge; for example, the hopital bit was too obvious, make it more difficult to know where to go.

Cool game! I really liked the mechanic, only wished there was some in-game tutorial.

its not a downloadable file. its just a timer small driving game where you have to find home =) thanks! only 15 ratings =( =)

=) its a car driving game where you need to find home only 12 =( 

exelent art! really good game, very chaotic, I just wish whenever I switched controls I could see what it was, some times I confused lol. =) =)

I dont have twitch

=) hahahaha lol make more levels, I need more of this

epic, but movement is strange

epic. pls try mines, its not that good

very good! I found the big spike jump at the beginning hard tho =) I liek honest feedback this is mine pls try dis mine

heres mine:

very fun music is not the best tho

XDDDD super funny, I fell out of the world tho

epic but the movement of the snake isnt smooth and sometimes it ignores when I press a button

really good but it is really hard, the music was my favourite part!

=) fun

Pathfinding is just a shorter way of saying how npcs move around without walking into walls.