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The best RLM FPS fan-game set in their studios I've ever played! It broke new ground!

7/10 for random Blakes 7 music usage

+3/10 for character called 3

Total 10/20 because I failed math

Worth it just for the music, fantastic job on a chilled E1M1 before the samples kicked in 😁

A really well done one of 'those' styles of game, without wanting to spoil it for anyone else. Lovely art style too!

Brilliant and hilarious, I can't imagine the amount of work that went into just this little thing. Thanks for making it!

Either my seed is wrong or I'm an idiot, but the 4th dungeon cannot be completed so I'm totally stuck (the bomb item never spawned). Such a shame as I was enjoying the game, not prepared to restart.

Turns out it was a DS4 gamepad in another room, which was cabled but not actually generating any input when I check the controller readings. Must be some nonsense in how the engine interprets input (maybe deadzone?). Anyway, working now, sorry!

Can't play the game, I think its capturing the input from something plugged into my pc, but I can't figure out what. The view keeps moving up and to the left constantly.

I am so angry at that pun that I sent you money

Punctuation 3/5, overall thesis 2/5, snarkiness 5/5

Overall comment review B-/10

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow! meow meow

I'm a little confused. The game had a completely natural conclusion to its story, what were you expecting? A shootout with the big bad CEO?

Really astounded this was a student project, especially for the score and instrumentation and the phenomenal blended 3d background work. Good luck for a very bright future, hopefully in game dev!

Too lovely, thanks for cheering me up with your great art and writing!

Lovely! Merci

A great piece of interactive fiction, deeply unsettling but without resorting to tropes or horror

This was like nothing I was expecting, beautifully illustrated, perhaps far too timely and utterly broke me. It existentially weighs on me the power of relationships alongside the power of their loss. I think I'm glad I experienced it, not all media is easy.

Thanks fory replying, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I apologise for being very flippant here based on reading your other reviews. Point scale breakdown reviews went out of fashion years ago which did catch my eye (especially in a comments board), just try and be constructive with indie devs and I'll think twice myself too before being so facetious!

Bonkers but engaging adventure full of British charm

Story - 0/5 - For some reason I put the difficulty of the game in this section, as I had trouble I rate the story badly. Adventure games should be straightforward and telegraph all puzzles to me.

Mechanics - 0/5 - I was really surprised that I had to navigate in an adventure game. Why is there an inventory screen? Why doesnt it just automatically select the right item when I click on something?

Visuals - 0/5 - Why is this not as good as AAA games? Frankly it looks like there was only one person involved here.

Sound - 0/5 - The voice acting is decent as is the music, but.

Overall - 5/5 - Because score breakdown reviews were retired many years ago as unnecessary. A fun adventure.

Completed - Playthrough (~3 hrs)

You know how to write believable pre-teens and you know how to use cuts, so few games do these let alone so well! Thanks for a lovely story in these times

Its nice to see another game appreicate the difference between being alone and being lonely, thanks for a great experience

This is the most constructed unconstructive criticism I've ever seen

Thanks for this lovely game, Jude is so adorable and I am an annoying facetious dragon person IRL. Such a wholesome introduction to a romance, I need more!

A real throwback to the art style, humour and puzzling of the old days, thanks!

Another fun little gem, but wow I don't know why but got stuck on the wax arm puzzle for like 15 minutes

Amazing work, I wish I had more reverence for N64 racers but they almost all passed me by. Please consider working on other platforms' games if you have as much interest in them!

Great concept, thanks!

This game is so unsettling and bizarre, I felt so utterly sorry for their predicament as an allegory for trans feelings or body image issues. Thanks for making something so thought provoking

This is beautiful and charming, thanks for brightening up my morning! client says 'not available on windows', despite having a dowload ...

Funny and well made, nice one! I need more elridtch dog-knapping mystery stories. Best Cutethulu (sorry) Ive ever seen