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¡Muchas gracias!

Jajajaja ¡Muchas gracias! Estaría genial, la idea está en el aire al menos :)

Hemos retocado un pelín los controles, por si quieres darle otro intento ^^

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¡Gracias! Si continuamos el juego lo tendremos en cuenta

Jajajajaja, maravilloso, el músico de mi grupo se pasó varias horas grabando papeles xD

Está bastante guay y entretenido, mola mucho el diseño del personaje principal

Está muy guay y la canción es pegadiza, pagaría dinero de verdad por leer "como entrenar a tu estropajo"

Maravilloso, el arte, la mecánica de impulsarte con la pluma, usar la canción de crab rave, la sorpresa final... 10/10 would play again.

¡Super original! No acabo de pillarle el timing pero mola muchísimo.

Mola la idea y la temática, por alguna razón, las letras me aparecen muy pegadas unas con otras, no se si es así aposta o un problema con la resolución D:

Mola muchísimo y el arte está genial, le marinero montado en la gaviota tirando huevos es un 10 para mi xD


there's a sounfix now that makes the gameplay better, if you wanna try ;)

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Thank you :)

There's now a Sound fix version available in the game's page.

I checked them after my second death "^^

It seems like that, I was getting orbs like crazy, but it ends way too fast! :( Maybe tuning down the speed of the effects makes it nicer?

Seems that the problem is way wider than anticipated, we will release a post-jam build that solves it :D

Thank you! We're planning for a post-jam release that makes the sound easier to recognize :D

Spam clicking is the way, you released your inner-ninja senses :D Anyway, we're planning for a post-jam release that makes the sound diferences between the shurikens more clear :)

Thank you! The game sound IS 3D, but it seems to be a tad confusing, we are planning a post-jam release that solves the problem :)

The sound is 3D, good headphones are encouraged, but it should be distinguishable even with speakers :/

Pretty neat, took me 2 deaths to find i had to interact with the fire to restore my sanity. Over all a really nice entry with nice art, animations, sounds and gameplay.

Nice entry, I like the theme approach by making the view confusing instead of limiting it

Liked the art a lot, some sort of sound and a better light management would have made this a great game.

Nice, it was fun. I would have made the pick-ups reset the fov a bit so the game doesn't feel so short :)

Awesome game, loved the transitions between levels and the fact that you can use enemies as platforms once you defeat them, art looks great, and the game feel is awesome, I would play it for 100 levels more if I had the chance :D

Really nice entry, really enjoyed it. Good use of the theme and great atmosphere.

Really really nice, I put so many candles my game crashed :D

Really nice take on the theme, the level design was nice once you understand that you have to go out of bounds. On the other side, I would replace seeing only the enemies eyes to seeing a faint shadow when you're not moving. 

Really really nice, it got my heart pounding for a moment there. Robot controls where a bit slow, but I think it gives the game a bit more of the scary feel :D

Couldn't play the game on the explorer, looks good tho

Really, really good! Art is great, Design is great, Feel is great, overall, an amazing game :D

Thank you! We had a bit of time limitation (~18 h) so most of the game suffered, it lacks a lot of elements in the tutorial area, some tracks, some particle systems, but all in all we're proud of the result :)

Loved it, I needed something like that <3