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Thanks for  your answer! I was really curious about the way the game works. Had some ideas but wasn't quite sure. It's really cool to have some insights here. Again, good work ;)

That's pretty nice guys! Again, you tried something unusual and achieved a lot with very little. I really enjoyed these 21 verses (had to stop eventually ). The gameplay is limited but refreshing (not sure of the word, i mean unusual / new in a good sense) and, more than once, i ended up burst out laughing because it was so nonsensical. Verses like "Stinky pirate saved skeletal bread" or "Sorry sorcerer accepted lonely pickle." (my favorite) are so absurd that it's hard NOT to remember them. The game is funny and cute (i have to ask, is the green sprite the alien doll of Toy Story?!) and also quite challenging for a non English speaker like me (i prefer it that way so it's a good point). Again, i had a blast. It would be really nice to have some specifics about the game like what engine did you use or how did you build the gameplay (did you create three arrays (nouns, verbs , adjectivs) and randomize its each verses),... That being said, congratulations to you all. You really inspired me (i'm gonna try to participate to the next Ludum in October) and i'm impatient to see your next game. Again, well done (and sorry for any grammatical mistakes, really)!

A very interesting article! I've never heard of "possibility space" before but i'm kinda familiar with the ways to control, to manipulate (to an extend) the player's behavior and it's always nice to gain some knowledge on the subject. You explained it well and backed it up with world known exemples to make it clearer. I once heard that the best way to test your comprehension of a subject is to teach that subject to someone who's unfamiliar to it. You prove that point!