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Please make a version in Englishsh

i had a problem with the graphics. It takes an aspect out of a wall and moves it along with the screen

Really interesting. And a weird coincidence that there is a thunderstorm outside my house right now while it's dark. So basically this game scared the sh*t out of me

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can you make this so full screen is possible?

really wish there was more. It is definitely a game that can be built upon. Good job!

don't know if the dialogue for the guy when he takes a nap is intentional but other than that good job!

this is Mario trolled edition

Thank you for your response and good luck making Lofi room :)

I played it yesterday and I would suggest a way for people to try out the sound of the instrument and then them record when they're ready. Also having the game save the beats if you leave that "room". Other than those, the update is what we all have been waiting for.

 Very interesting gameplay. Can't wait for the full release

scared the living shit out of me. Good job!!!

The browser version of this game won't load 

okay thx!!

finished it first try

is there a way to get access if we don't have a discord?

nice! I'm looking forward to putting your songs in some playlists on Spotify

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this music has such good flow. how do you get the music  to flow with such smoothness? And you should look in to publishing those songs