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Awesome! Thanks :D

Also :eyes: discord? I’ll have to find that link xD

OHH that makes a lot more sense xD Thank you <3

eee lesbians

Absolutely love this :3, though I do have two criticisms

  1. Could you add the arm on the second character to a different layer? I really liked the dress shown above on the second character, but the arm looks weird >.<
  2. The skin tone selector… is hard to work with? idek how I got it working xD

But other than that, awesome game <3

Are you still working on the game? I don’t want to pressure you or anything, I know how hard it is to consistently work on a game, but have you forgotten or just on hiatus or what? Thank you <3

Fair! I didn’t exactly have anyone to playtest it, and I know how to play the levels, so I’m not sure what levels are easy/hard XD By the time I figured out how to get the level to reset properly, the jam was over, but that is DEFINITELY something coming in the post-jam version! Thank you :D

Thanks :D I actually was going to make it a timed platformer (you may notice how the charge goes down slowly? Imagine that but faster) but I really am not great at making levels, so I decided to add 2 other characters, but that worked weirdly, so then I thought “what if you could teleport between them?” and after a bit of work that happened xD

Thank you ^^

Ohh yeah there are a few pretty tricky levels, sorry about that xD (hard to test the difficulty of levels if you know how to complete them lol)

Oh hey it does lol

Thank you :D Also that’s a pretty good name for the secret menu xD

Maybe a re-roll option? I’m pretty sure when I played this with my family, you had 3 “chances”. You can settle for what you have or reset everything and hope for a better outcome.

Wow! This is a really awesome game :D Love the sprites too! Can’t wait for more updates ^^

Surprisingly interesting game, though irritating how there’s no restart button xD

This is an amazing game! I love it :D Seriously, not much to say but AWESOME job!

Pretty fun game, but “Fish Cost” is WAYYYYYYYYY too OP

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Pretty simple game but… Surprisingly fun! Nice job :) (Also love how you can basically turn into a rocket ship xD)

Great game… But it feels a bit boring? There’s not really much to do except spam the roll/take button

Took me a little bit to figure out I could go down for some reason, but…. WOW! Awesome game, as always! (And, as in most of these card games, I lost to lack of military and then next round lack of treasure xD)

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Really great game! I have a feeling this might just be the winner :)

It’s just trying to protect the game from attacks where people try to send thousands of requests quickly and crash the server. Just wait a minute or so and try again :)

No, I was just informing dibaka

Is the no option to “is this you?” going to be implemented or will it stay as only being accessible by looking around in the f12 menu?

Ooh that’s actually a pretty smart fix :) Damage is limited to how many damagers you have in your deck

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Great game! Everyone is saying stiletto is broken, but magic has a better build:

~ 4x Magic Energy 2

~ 2x Fireball

~ 3x Tutor

~ Consumables

If you use it properly, you can farm the magic energies and use tutor into itself, while having spare energy to use fireball along the way!

P.S. I got to the end but it just says “Encounter” but when I press it it does nothing :p Still, it’s just an end screen, the game itself is great!

Aaa I wish I could support you but I can’t… Good luck though and I’m glad it was sucessful!!!

Yeah, but that mechanic is also pretty popular, I think that is what they meant in the first place. (sorry if this sounds mean, I’m terrible at writing nice-sounding replies :p)

It’s a demake of a 10$ game called Luck Be A Landlord. It’s supposed to be bad :p

Yeah that’s nice! <3

No, it’s just random. I got it pretty quickly (like 5 days) once.

Sorry for the… 2 year late reply, but that’s just a bug with windows 10 that sometimes happens, nothing they can do to help :/

Me neither, but one thing you can do to help is if you use this tilesheet for a game or something, simply credit them :D

Me, 200+ days ago “I will try to remind you every day”

Failed on that XD Anyways here’s a reminder again

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Wow! Thank you! You almost never see a professional quality game available for free in browser XD

also heh played in incognito and loaded perfectly fine for me, on a computer built for windows 7 :p

Yea, I was talking bout the basic flower. The lilys can 100000% handle a crowd

You’re welcome! It really is a great game and I am really excited for any new ideas :D

It’s not about that… it’s about something… you probably (PROBABLY) aren’t old enough to understand :P

This is an AMAZING game. I really think you should keep working on it! It has very nice controls, almost like playing hollow knight (Which if you don’t know is a HUGE compliment). I really would love to see this expanded into a full game, nice job! :D

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You’re welcome! In fact, I was just thinking of going for a different ending right now :D Also I love how the characters reply when you haven’t talked to the flame first, and when you go into the water, your character says “Ok, I’m not Jesus, noted” XD And how everyone breaks the fourth wall all the time!

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So I know that the… (trying not to spoil anything) “Not-so-friendly” Fire ending is one ending, and it probably can be another ending if you try to help it again. I’m also guessing that if you aren’t sure about “finishing the task”, if you will, then that probably would result in another ending. Don’t really know about the other two though :P Either way, great game! It was really fun to play, even if it is a bit laggy :D