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Thanks for mentioning the sound issue, I was in such a rush to get all the basics working I missed it. I've done a basic update and fixed the sound and added a extra level.

Interesting mechanic but maybe it could be simplified by not needing to drag the mouse by using a arrow keys for direction. I found most of the time my mouse was a very long way from the game interface.

Liked the idea but didn't understand what I was doing. I think it needs a visual response for the key press action so it's clear as to what is happening.

nice atmosphere at start, made me think of superbrothers sword and sworcery.

I'm really sorry but I found the main character hard to look at due to the interpolation of pixels. Pixel rotation never works well and you're best drawing the rotation if not 90 degrees. 

It's not anything new but well done for creating a game as it's hard than most people realize and a great accomplished.

Felt Gameboy like. The second level is totally unforgiving but still didn't stop me from wanting to get past it even though it's probably impossible. :)

Blown away that you made a real GB game. 

I did get stuck when I went up into the forest and couldn't get back out due to a black and white object blocking the path. Maybe I ventured to far before completing a required task?

I really wanted to cut down more goblins , like others have mentioned increase speed of spawning. A die sprite for goblins would also fuel the satisfaction.

Great graphics.

Clever use of colour and pattern for Graphics. A little more work on the jump mechanic would improve the game feel and user feedback/controls.

Well done, has a good player retention as we played it a few times. A music mute button would be good though.

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I might make a full game, if people are interested.

Clever use of such a small area of pixels.

Great graphics, reminds me of the Golden book series with an almost water colour look and feel.

Thanks seaharvest that's very kind of you.

Thanks catslifecreations. The original version of the game was all about the character and controlling his/her emotions but my son said it wasn't interesting enough so I had to apply a completely different mechanic to the game. I think it has worked out so far but Im keen to add a lot more animation and life into the game.  Thanks for taking the time to play it.

Hi Jaegersama,

I just found out that my android download hasn't been working on android devices only pc.  In order for your android download to work you have to turn on the payment system. If you have "disable all payments" ticked in the settings it wont work. At the moment yours doesn't work, just thought you might like to know.

Thanks Mitron that's very helpful feedback I'll add that to my bug fixes.

Hi Rhornbeck,

Thanks for trying the game I really appreciate you taking the time. I've only just started learning game development so I struggled a little with how to go about doing certain things. In answer to your question about shooting through walls, yes that was deliberate. I was intending on the walls having a destruction level so you wouldn't be able to hide behind them forever but ran out of time.

I have a list of features and levels I would like to add. I might even try and make a mobile friendly version. Firstly though I think I need to go back clean up my code with comments so I can easily develop the game further as I got a bit lazy towards the end just trying to get it done in time.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Video with sound link: