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I've played many student games in the past 4 years and this is my favorite. Love the nostalgia and the flavor. The collaboration between players feels very well-thought out. Also 2 Bosses in the short development time is very impressive. Great work!

Played at GDEX. This was a lot of fun!

The game did crash for me once when the yellow guy showed up.

He seems invincible, but I didn't realize this until emptying all 300 of my ammo into him. Maybe like a ricochet sound or no hit feedback something would communicate his invincibility.

This is awesome though!! I played it 5 times!!

One small suggestion. Also highlight border of each tile with the owner's color. I reached endgame and had no idea some tiles were still owned by my opponent :)

This is really cool!!

Nice work!

"Hey, you still there?" haha
This is very insightful. It reminds me of my film analysis class, but with games as the medium. It touches on many underrepresented aspects of game design and critique. Definitely a must read for anyone getting into games!

Very impressive!!

This is cool!

I like the comedy dialogue with the AI! It was fun to see what Jino would say next :D

This is now my most-played game! Very nice, especially on a game jam timeline! I like how the musings to himself act as memory aids for where you've visited.

Thank you!!

Very nice!

What are the controls for this game? I would expect a way to fight enemies with my weapon, but every key I tried does nothing. I also found something that looked like an item but I don't know how to pick it up. I like the style and the music a lot! Would love to finish playing once I know what I can do and what my goals are :)