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Hands down one of the few games that nailed anything nearly as good as the silent hill aesthetic for environments/ambiance. Second it was a wonderful walk through someone else's feelings.

Fun game, if was longer the speed of the slasher would have been frustrating but it was short enough to be negligible

Ahh I was not I'll update it now

I seem to have gotten stuck in the motorcycle garage, I slept and the achievement for that character is locked on my screen and I cant leave the main square.

cool! Wasn’t expecting such a swift response! I love supporting physical releases for gameboy games so I’ll be sure to hop on once you work things out, I hope the best and may the force be with you :)

hey I noticed catskull went defunct and sold out to someone else who now has yours and all the other games they carried listed as “discontinued”, any plans to re release physical? 

thanks for the heads up!

I see catskull has closed shop, any plans to release it elsewhere? I see ferrante crafts sort of took over for catskull

Wether you finish it as a complete MH demake or leave it as stardew I need it in my body yesterday! Hope the development is going well.

I am also very interested to know, I was keeping an eye out for a restock and then noticed they abruptly closed up shop. Crazier thing is I found out via a German forum using translate on my iPhone lol.

I got fairly into this game about a quarter of the way in, surprisingly nice game. I look forward to more of your work. I prob won't go to the movies for a while...