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Thanks for the feedback! I thought I had locked the resolution to 16:9 aspect ratios, so that may be why you're seeing some weird scaling. There should have been black bars rendered to force the aspect ratio. Anyway thanks for playing and keep an eye out for v1.1.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We would love to be able to build Voyage in a big way, but we're staying humble and starting small to get it off the ground. There are many concepts we've had already that we've put into the "sequel bucket" for that reason. With that said, I don't think that roguelike and worldbuilding or other features of games with more depth in content are mutually exclusive ;)

Thanks for testing! I like weird... ;) We've got a lot of depth to add to these core mechanics so theres a bit of room to grow. Keep an eye out for updates - I'd love to hear your thoughts as we move forward!

I just posted a Linux build. Try it out and let me know if its working! You can find my contact info in the README.txt included in the zip

You're amazing!! Thanks for making this video, it's SUPER helpful.  We all watched it and are glad you enjoyed playing. Yes, the demo throws you right into it. It was great seeing you work through the defeats though and get better with each play through. That's the roguelike spirit!

Oh and the AI is actually quite balanced with the player (same stats). Its only real advantage, as you mention, is that it fires shots immediately as they're ready. Otherwise it's actually pretty dumb, and just shoots around looking for weak points until it finds something it likes. It does get lucky sometimes though :P

We could try a build, but it's not something we could support very well. Would you be able to test it for us?

We just released our first demo for Voyage!

Voyage is a sci-fi strategy roguelike where players control a ship and her crew traveling across star systems, trying to reach a gateway to a new sector of space. Along the way the crew will have to fight, making sacrifices to themselves and their sanity, and question their own boundaries of what they will do to survive.

This iteration is a prototype of our combat system. Our goal with this prototype is to test the core mechanics of combat - weak points, targeting, and crew control.

We would love for you to try the demo out and give us some feedback! We're just getting started working on Voyage and can't wait to here what you think.

Check us out here: