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Excellent question! Not sure what was wrong with the upload. Now available.

I am so excited for this release, the book I've waited for more than anything in years.

thanks so much for playing!

There's something wrong with the Metacritic math, you're not supposed to be able to finish with 99. Oh well! It's not like you could read or write anymore at that point anyway.

o7 it worksss

I haven't released anything in a couple of years so that was amazing

I am 42 and felt like I could really worrisomely connect with myself like 25 years ago (type o negative forever)

So thanks for that </3

I will play it! :D thanks

I'm gonna give 7/5 for newbie game jam effort. Anything uploaded is a  triumph!! (waiting for the Mac version)

I'm gonna give this 5/5 for emo effort and amazing art. Can't play because Macbound but I can see how this is awesome

Whoops, fixed two broken links when I got the chance to playtest it. All branches should work now.

uhh this ruled. laughed out loud in delight. If I was wearing glitter it'd be all over me by now

This was great! I've made a song with the same my fourties :D

Okay so I WAS THAT GUY and this was really beautiful. Emo 5/5

I'm not sure if I got to the end but I feel poignant

crying 6/5

moshing 5/5

emo on point

hell yeah I MADE A GAME

:D :D guitars died suitably as I closed Twine at the sixty minute mark so fuck it, gonna just go with what I had at the time. Didn't playtest at all though xoxoxo


I can get this done if I ignore mixing up past and present tense. aagh

I'm starting to doubt my ability to bring this all together :D

Oh lawd I'm already getting entangled in branching dialogue

I am looping MCR and installed Twine an hour ago. As ready as I'll be! Well maybe coffee yet

Thanks for the reminder! Last days of vacay and I'm steering as clear of my calendar as possible! Working on my visual novel anyway, hope to make the switch to Twine at the appointed hour. </3

Tried running through Wine (first time using it!) and it seems to work fine. :)

I can't get this to work on Mac. Something to do with my Ren'Py installation maybe? It just won't start, no error, no process running. It gives the usual "unverified developer" on initial launch, I right click and "open", then "open", then double click... and nothing. Is it just me? Latest OSX.