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Do you have any tips about where to find animations to animate it with?  As it is a non-humanoid shape I'm finding it tricky.  It has no knees, any thoughts?

Love it. Really addictive!

Are these fixed yet?  I tried to use them but the spritesheets were not properly put together.

This is awesome.  Thanks.

This only seems to be one sprite?

So gutted this doesn't have a jump. :(  Great asset otherwise

Wow I was not expecting that at all. That's amazing, I'm going to check them out now, thank you so much!

Please do!  They're a great asset and it would be cool to see them taken further.

These are awesome, really enjoying playing around with them.  Do you have any plans to expand them any more?  

I think a ledge hang/climb up would really make them amazing.