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Hi guys, I hope you are well, I have launched my first game here and I would like to tell you a little bit about it.

In a space exploration mission your ship was hit by a gamma ray explosion that made you stray and your ship started to grow every second, but the explosion also created energy orbs with which you can survive, or maybe not...


Space Travel is an endless runner mixed with the mythical spaceship arcade games and taken to 3D completely offline in which your only mission is to last alive as long as possible, here time is money and money will allow you to buy different ships, each ship has an ability, such as shooting, or a shield and in turn each of the ships have different statistics, so you can choose a ship that suits your style of play.

Space Travel features: 

  1.  More than 20 ships with different stats
  2.  4 different skills
  3.  6 unique items
  4. 50 missions

Les dejo por aca el enlace a la pagina de Itch: