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Really cool take on the theme! Music and art are great!

I dig it! I'm not a pinball person but this is pretty forgiving and enjoyable. The 'make your own soundtrack' aspect is a cool idea that has a lot of potential!

Yes! There are still minor patches being applied as I get feedback, but it’s finished. If you can wait a week it’s going on sale with a new patch being applied! 

All around great job! The music is fantastic!

Haha definitely got some Resetti vibes!

That was wild - nice job! Assets are amazing!

Beautiful. Love the music! Jump animation is also great.

Hahaha yes! The music, the Michaels, the mescaline (probably?) - Perfect!

Thank you!

Really solid game! Congrats on getting all this together. Music was a perfect background for running an oil tycoon! I agree a tutorial could help, but I was able to figure everything out - which I think says a lot about the design (good things!). Layout is also super cool - very nostalgic - and I appreciated fine details like changing music, speeding up time, etc. Great job!

Hahaha unintentional WebGL thing. I assume it has something to do with Unity checking for 'best fit' after it prints the text? Thank you though - glad you liked it!

Nice job! Music was very fitting. I like the design and layout of everything - simple, but effective. You even put in an icon for the game - feel like that's an oft-neglected detail in jams! It took me a minute to learn there was a double jump but that was a big "Ah-Ha!" moment. I like the purple palette / cave-like feel, but platforms blend in with the ground and it was tough to have a sense of depth in some areas? Fun over all though!

Nice job! Especially for a first project, this is impressive! The concept is cool too - I think if you wanted to build on this, there are plenty of avenues to explore. I do agree the truck controls were a little touchy but I was still able to get the full experience!

Nice job! Don't know if it was intended, but the terrain movement with the camera is super disorientating but honestly, a cool effect. I might've missed it but putting controls somewhere would've helped - and a way back to the main menu from the game. If you're going to expand on this, I would try to incorporate mouse input or something for the right hand to do - it was a lot on one hand. I think it's a cool concept though - glad to see others tried the 2D/3D mix!

Fun! The music and vfx/sfx were great! My web player was also laggy - but I think that's itch/my internet. What I was able to play I enjoyed though!

I had to wait to play this - I think traffic was crazy the first couple days after the jam and things were choppy. Glad I came back to it though - this is amazing! The little details like plant rotations when you interact with them are perfect. I wouldn't mind a slightly faster scroll speed and longer audio track but I also feel really nitpicky saying that. You have a wonderful product and, as an educator, I see so much potential in something like this. Keep it up!

Thank you!

Much appreciated! We had a lot of fun with this jam. Thanks James! 

Thank you! I agree with the visual feedback - definitely need something else. Glad you liked it though! 

Thank you! I totally agree - 80% of this was stuff the artist and I had never tried so time got away from us. 

Really nice job on the art! I love the static-y overlay. Didn't make it to the end - but what I played was really solid!

Fun controls / mechanics. Definitely has originality!

Haha I like that you took it to the moon - always the logical next step when you've conquered Earth!