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1: Thank you very much I would love to try something more with dungeon crawler, bullet hell, roguelite, or something with cards like slay the spire ;3

2: pygame is not an engine it's just a library you import in Python which is used typically for games. Python has no game engines as far as I am aware as of writing this. Maybe there are, however, they can be incomplete or not polished enough to start learning them or just not well-known to the public yet.

3: I am really curious to see the video or just a screenshot, you can use OBS or just your phone, maybe it will help us make better games in the future? ;3

4: Thank you for playing the game, you flatter me haha, take care!

Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the graphic part of the game, however blame python for shitty graphics because they were generated from it, but I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the game overall <3

ty bro ;3

Glad you liked it

The game is really good, I enjoyed it.

Thank you, thats what we were aiming for.

HAHHAHAHA, yeah right, lmao. Graphics... we really had bigger problems there ;3 The ideas were being switched like socks.

It's honestly such a shame this isn't more developed. I just adore Slay the Spire like games.  This isn't like that, however, it's something completely different. I like that we have an original card game entry! It has a well deserved spot in my heart.

The Gouden Leeuw was a Dutch ship of the line armed with 80-82 cannon. The ship was built for the Admiralty of Amsterdam in 1666 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. The Gouden Leeuw was for a time the largest Dutch warship.

Ty mr Dutch man, I hope you will continue conquering my lands as you always do. Tot ziens vriend.

haha its just a game ;3

True. He is a genius.

Beat me !

Thank you so much! Hahah I've had a lot of fun and hardship with this project ;3

The game feels awesome, too bad you haven't had more time to implement a fighting system which is deeply tied to undertale, make the player connect to the characters and more what is usually in rpgs.

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Make this guy be able to participate in the #Geojam2022 please! 

 I've spent the last 3 days working with sweat, tears, blood"

 - TheoTheTorch

Anyone that has heart left in him upvote, do whatever, let the kid have his game  masterpiece saved there in history 

Hope you can achieve agreement.

Yours sincerely,


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I really like the energy while gaming, it feels like Quizlet asteroids lol, pretty insane gameplay ! I really do love graphics and music making me panic when the boss is near !!!! Also nor Brave nor LibreWolf was able to boot this I feel like they block javascript too much or any sort of hardcore stuff like a game running in  a browser, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge should work fine.

Thank you so much for playing, I will review your game as well ;3

No I have not! The small issue was that points were too close together but I figured out they are colored so I was able to correclty solve the puzzle ;3 

Yeah, you are right, though I feel like it is possible to win with pretty much every coordination, you have 9 lives to spare, I wanted to make it endless, however we decided to end it with a nice victory screen and give a player chance to start over or continue the playthrough. The biggest obstacle was time I think I published the finished version 5 mins before the deadline hehe. Though I saw potential in this title, it is by far my most favorite game I was ever part of.  

Thank you for your honest review @Plide.

Hahahah, that was not intentional !!! Thank you for giving it a shot ;3

Thank you that is really nice to hear ;)

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Thank you for your kind words, I really am glad that someone likes this game ;3 

As for the question you asked:

I used i clicked on whatever i needed for example Hit/hurt then tried it untill the sound was right. Or i just use  "random". Also i have found victory sound here:

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i used pyinstaller in cmd typed in: pyinstaller --onefile -w 

Version: PyInstaller: 4.9

well for a first somehow this is better than my 3rd game. Congrats man. This is truly amazing. Design, puzzles. My fav is music, its so chill ;3 Keep it up ! 

what did you use for compiling it to exe? I used pyinstaller which in contrast to yours ( 9703 kb ) mine is  22 460 KB. Actually such an interesting idea!  I liked throwing sides to space!

well i have been playing it for about 5 mins, I truly appreciate that it is written in pygame ;3 and just 1 file wow, no assets. I scored some points randomly, ill give an edit to it once ill figure this game out

thank you so much !

Oh I'm, glad you enjoyed it. It's so heartwarming :3

aight bruh, i still cheer for ya

hey sorry for a late response are you still available?

Jirafey#8858 please contact me on discord

looking forward to your entry then!

( we have 1 music composer).

( we have 0 graphic designers)( we have 3 python programmers)

3 python programmers already in our team, let me know if someone is open for collaboration: Jirafey#8858

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I really like the game too!

Question 14: I couldn't think of another question, so just choose something that sates it's correct.  

typo: sates -> should be states

Question 17: What am I thining right now? 

typo: thining-> should be thinking

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I'm not sure, why it asks for permission anyways from unauthorized license owner anyway, aside from that, how to fix it. That is just a fake accusation from Windows, which bothers me.  I don't know how to respond to that, the game would be wiped out from here immediately, if it would have some sort of malware. That's just outrageous. Thank you for informing me though.