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Thanks for playing and commenting.

Wow Great! So well polished!!! Love it!

Thanks a lot for playing and your feedback 

haha, Mario on a buggy console. Great work!  Love it!

Nice work, man! I though I could beat it by turning my keyboard upside down. But then came the mirror effect. :)

Thank's for your feedback. We'll try to put some effort in a tutorial, I guess.

Thank you a lot for the motivation. We are already thinking about making a complete game out of it.

Thank you very much for playing and your comment.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Wow, 1000 points alone is probably unbeatable.

Thank you very much for the comment and the stream!!! It is always great to see other people react to own game creations!

1000 points alone is amazing. I don't think I have ever achieved that. You can play with a friend also online - via Zoom Remote Control.

You gave us a lot of fun. Nice explosion, good level design. Great mechanics.

Nice one! I got 187 s at the first try!

Nice game, but I guess you can glitch off on the right screen?

Yeah, our game is definately inspired by Overcooked. Thank you for playing!

thanks you for the honest feedback. Can you let me know what you did not enjoy?

Always great to have a voice-tutorial!

Yeah, I like the way you also did a 3D game.

Finally a new approach to a puzzle-platformer. The puzzle on the left and the platformer on the right. Love it!

Great visuals and the music fits with interesting mechanics.

Haha, like a bubble shooter inside out.

Great artstyle and presentation in general. How did you change the mouse pointer on the itch-page!? Great stuff.

It was a bit too hard for me, though.

Snake in a tron setting! Nice one! I like your art style and the music also fits.

Yeah, I won!

Great idea and nice puzzles! The music is quite spacey.

At first, I thought it is a hard memory game. But you can actually recognize the different virus types by it's shape, right?

It is just super hard. 500 was my score. 

Thank you for the fun I had.

Nice pixel art and good overall impression.

I wish there was a restart option. Or did I just miss it?

Great idea and well done. Controls / character movement could be a bit more polished, but I know how game jams are...

Cool concept, still hard to control though. I like how you polished your game and the theme is nice.

I like your pixel art and the way you polished it! Great job!

Thank you for the flowers. I will check your game.

Hi Retsa, thank you a lot for your honest feedback.

A third type of bone was on our list of TODOs, but we could not finish. We'll wait for some feedback and maybe we create a full game out of it. Thank you again for motivating us to do so.

I love Kebab, but what is the password for WebGL?

The WebGL does not work for me. Maybe you can try "Decompression Fallback: TRUE" in the player settings / other

I just realized, that the second character is indeed not controlled by an AI but be me.

I kept the sunflower alive, but it did not turn into gold. What did I do wrong?

But overall, I like the atmo of your game! Great job!

Suddendly my butt was burning. But I fought some of them zombies down.

Great experience for such a short time. I love that you also did something in 3D.

I like your music. And how did you do the highscore!?!? Amazing.

Yeah, I love the crisp and consistent pixel art!

My prisoner-dog got stuck in level 03. Maybe I need more skill. I'll try again next time.

I scored 100 on the first attempt! Have to give you 5 stars for fun!