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Just found your youtube channel. Love it!

Love it, very nice mood. The art is amazing.

I like your artstyle and the simplicity of the gameplay. But I'd rather slap dogs than beautiful girls.

Great job! Love your artwork and the story. I got beaten up badly at the knives.

Great! Thank you for playing and commenting!

This game is so realistic, it reminds me of my previous job. Should be called "IT Admin Job Simulator"

Love it! Wish I could hit the seagulls!

Fair enough. Thanks. Maybe I'll look into it.

Great work. I like the character and the idea. Is there any way to change the mouse sensivity? For me the camera flipped around like crazy.

Thanks for playing, great that you liked it!

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Do you still look into improving the importer? I have problems with prefabs. The sprite field is set correctly when opening the prefab, but in the instance it keeps resetting the sprite reference to None.

Great job, thank you for the fun. I guess you game was the one I played longest in the year's FFS Game Jam

Nice work, didn't know you can do that much in Scratch

I love your 8-Bit Style and the love you put into it. Maybe a bit too fast for me.

Great concept, nice art, nice mood and audio. Put in some upgrades, and you can easily sell the game. Take my money!

Great concept and fun. I wish I could the the level I am in, so that I know what my high score is.

Nice stuff. Congrats on finsihing your game.

I love cooking games. You're interpretation of the genre really shines. I wish you can add some audio and polish. Great job and finally finishing for us to play.

I unfortunately could not play your game. Was it censored by itch? Nice screenshots, however.

Great fun and visuals! Nice, that you finally finished it for us to play.

Great! I love what you did. The art reminds me a bit of Blackthornprod. I wish I could decide about upgrades with my collected points.

Impressive art style and game play. I'd like to see more!

Impressive art style and game play. I'd like to see more!

I have the same issue as Storm Codes. What do I have to do to go beyond the 1-1 screen?

I love tacos and I love clicker games. Nice combination there. Was it just me or could I only by the (first) 50 GBP upgrade?

Nice polish to put to the classic game. I played the WebGL version which also lacked music. But overall it looks nice. Great the you finally finished the project.

Thanks for uploading and experimenting. Congrats on finishing. Would "tabletop sandbox" be a good name for your tool?

Great visuals. Can I also import my own models for the algorithm to work with?

Great, relaxing, nice music, nice graphics. GIVE ME MORE LEVELS :)

Sometimes I cannot see the number of moves left on the status, when they overlap. Maybe you find a solution for it.

Great game, what is the fastest lap? I found out too late that the lowest camera angle works best for me. Also you can cheat a little bit, if you go in reverse right at the start to get a better speed at the start line. Overall I love it. Must be a lot of work to get the car physics and the tracks right.

Hope you make it into a real game with opponents or ghosts.

Congrats on finishing! I love your artstyle and the whole PICO8 idea. Please continue and deliver more.

I LOVE UPGRADES! Great job on that. The music is nice, but somehow repetitive. I really had nice fun, so I'll rate you 5 stars for fun! Visuals are also nice.

I wish you could do more levels. I reached level 3 and was then wondering why I am not dying any more.

Haha, great gameplay. Nice, what you've finally finished.

Great mood. Congrats on finally finishing it!

Congrats on finishing this one. Looks like a lot of work! I like the double jump animation and the cute drawings!

Scary game, well done! I usually hate cut scenes and wanted to skip yours. But I am glad I watched it to the end. Great job!