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I've been playing since around build 40, so I'm used to the difficulty. I could see it being very useful for first time players though.

This time going through the game is the first time really trying out stun. It is powerful especially when you use stunning shot with a multi target weapon. I want to test it with a heavy weapon but haven't built a wrecker yet.

The wildcat is one of the first classes I pick up now. It was the last class I tried, but now its normally one of the first I pick up. itchy trigger, bullet hell, and combined arms are all good abilities. Especially combined arms. I wouldn't be surprised if they start getting picked a lot more once people start playing them.

The class I have gotten the least millage out of is the soldier. Maybe that is just how I play though. I’m looking forward to unlocking the rest of the new classes. The class unlock missions work really well, it gives you a nice introduction before you have to figure out how to fit them in your squad. 

Those look like good changes all around! I'll be a little sad to see boost aim and bullet hell not be quite so effective, but it makes sense. Multiple shots and stunning ammo might be worth a look too.  I'm happy to see the change to the swashbuckler weapons too, they are a fun class but almost impossible to get weapons for.

I was playing last night and I had a similar thought. Maybe a good fix would be to change the free reload to be an automatic free reload at the end of the turn. This would give a small boost to Deadeye and wildcat as you wouldn't loose sharpshooter or trigger happy if you have free reload. It would also Assault classes ability to kill everything within two spaces.