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Really interesting concept. Thanks for nice experience! :)

Amazing. Not only art but also the gameplay! Controls feel very nice and intuitive. Great job!

Sweet little arcade... the sound and graphics makes great retro vibe and feel. I wish I had something like this on my Nokia :) 

Really amazing idea! Love the combination of intense horse race and calm card strategy. 

Do you have any other plans with this game? 

I have played some earlier build and getting back to this now, I can feel the experience is way better. I want to give it few more tries and try all the difficulties as I tried only few runs now. Still I really like the idea and it bring back good old Asteroids vibes :) 

Really curious about your future plans with this project.

P.S. I dig the violin sound sooo much! Great idea! Keep it up mate ;)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. I am already working on some new ideas, hopefully I'll be able to bring them to live soon ;)