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I see... it is not working in Chrome browser... just triedd Safari and works there without issue ;)

I understand, but clicking "next" button is not working...

I would love to play this, but when I get to the desk with journal/stamps/weight etc. I can't continue... what am I doing wrong? Next does not work, neither [space] :/

Thx a lot!

Thanks a lot! To your questions, I have started with "pre-production phase" s oeverything is going to be planed. But, at this point I have all the stats that will affect the fight, and how the fight will happen. 

Speeders and gear unlocks. As you will be fighting the tournaments there will be price money, or even gear/speeder available for win. So you will have currency, and you will be able to buy/upgrade new gear/speereds/lances.

About planning of the use of your gear. That is the question I need to figure out yet, so not sure yet. But, right now I would say that you will lock one or two gears for whole tournament. As I would like gears to have different "pros and cons" I like the idea that you need to think ahead, but will see.

There will be bonuses/negative/positive effects for sure. From type of your speeder, weight of the lance to gained experience and perhaps even wounds or types of the lances ;)

If you'd have any idea/feedback, I would be super happy to hear that. Thanks again!

I believe that comminity would be kind in that matter and very gratefull actually

Although this is "just" another zombie game (and don't get me wrong, I love good zombie games :)) this looks really cool as the style you have created is very appealing. Great job!

Would be cool to cover some (perhaps organizators favourites) in some short video? I think that lots of jammers would love that, and it could motivate others for possible future itterations of the jam. But just an idea ;)

Thx, really means a lot! That ostrich was supossed to be just an easter egg, but it seems it will be a real thing :D

Thank you!

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Awesome! I think that is really nice touch

I can totally see that... but I can dream :)

Thanks a lot for kind words mate! I will do my best to make this happen ;)

This looks a little like Dr.Mario tetris like thing, but I have to wonder what else this will show, as I understand the mockup shows some kind of duel. You made this super visually appealing and would love to see more, so sign me up for the updates ;)

Every demon portal should be taken as a friend! Great job done, really nice art style

You have created just enough to get me hooked and wanted to see more. Btw that game description is great! Good job.

What a lovely style you have created here. Great job

This is so nice and quite refreshing! Very clean and clear mockup that really feels like real thing already. Love the names of the cards! Great job, would really like to know if this ends with mockup or if you' ll give it a shot with a real game? :)

Really cool way how to do 3D scene and how to approach the theme. Would be curious what people could do with such assets. Great job!

It is really nice to see that people took this jam as an opportunity to give at least some life to their dream projects (myself included). And it is more than obvious that this is your true passion and I wish you, that this will be a real game one day. You have very nice foundation and it seems that you are sure what you would like to create and that is a great starting point. Keep it up. Good job!

Looking really good! The combat system is clear and feels good from the screenshot. What I really love is the intro screen! Great job

This is visually so smooth and nice! I also love that description of the enemy, these little details as holes in the page, that might contain something perhaps important you might need are great. Also love the contrast of how you describe how easy it is to defeat the golem, and then watching that little dungeon room where you face it :D Not sure if it is intentional, or just something I want to see there, but I just love when the game design makes fun on players behalf. Good job!

skate and mage... this just can' t be bad, only awesome and the mockup looks great! I love reading that this is not playable... yet! :) Great job! Keep it up

This looks so good that it is a shame that it is not a real thing (yet? :P). Great job done on the sprite work, environment and the lore. I would come back not only for that baking competition :)

Thanks again! It will take some time, but I am commited to do this as it has been in my head for some time already :)

This looks great! It seems to combine both my beloved FTL and good old X-com times + more. Love it! Good job

Thanks a lot! I was sharing the progress on my twitter and one of the comments wanted me to name the speeders "ostriches", so I was thinking and made a special model called the ostrich :) I am far from multiplayer vs game, but the mechanics I have prepared on the paper could work also as a multiplayer, so we will see ;)

What a nice idea how to approach the jam + the assets looks great! Good job

Thx a lot!

Thank you for kind words, glad you like it!

Thank you so much! 

Yep I try to do the same from time to time, but it is haaard :D

Now this is what I call real screenshot from fake game! Absolutelly amazing! Just love it, no other words needed. Great job

Amazing art style... getting some strong TUNIC vibes. Please make this game! :) Great job

Thx a lot! I feel strong with animations, on the other hand, environments... not so much :D That is why I did not do any yet :P :D

Absolutelly love that art style! Great job ... the gifs looks really like captured from the engine :)

You got me with that start screen and with that 3D model... looks so great ! Good job

Everyone that tries to safe heart (in any form) deserves a bow! I am looking at my old GB in the drawer wish this was a thing :) Great job

Nice, clean and funny looking! Would definitely love to see this happen :) I love that heart enemy (I hope it is heart) :D

Pretty nice entry you got there. Especially the combat screen mockup looks great! And eventhough it is just a mockup, I can see this as a viable potential game. Good job