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Hehe, hope your hand will get better soon ;) You are right, once you´ll get the elevator moving upwards, you are about to win once you´ll get on top... unless you die :D 

so you jumped off or you fell thru the elevator floor? 

Anyway, thank you for playing and come back once the update is up ;)

Cheers mate!

THank you so much for playing my game and kind feedback! 

I have already started with work on an update and will try my best to hit your zombie slaying desires ;) 

Thanks for playing mate! Yeah it is very rough around the edges :D It is missing some balance and in-game guidance, all of which was planed, yet I had to cut many things in order to fit 48hr window. For me it is a lesson for the future to plan and scope better :) 

At this moment, the play-thru need to have "speedrun" pace in order to not get swamped. On one hand this is a design mistake for sure, but as we have seen in many movies. Single zombie is fine, but once there is a horde you have a problem. And no one never know where they keep coming from :D

Really thanks for your time with my game. I plan post-jam version.

The idea is really nice, however the controls and behaviour of the pieces is sometimes really hard to handle. I think that if you would polish the design of the levels and how the puzzles attach/detach, this could be a really nice project. Don´t get me wrong, you did great job!

Really sweet entry, the atmosphere is great and overall gameplay feels very polished. Also very originall idea. Just the death feels very penalizing. Great job done!

Thank you so much for playing, glad you like that. I agree that left mouse button only would be more intuitive, but I did not want that. The difficulty would drop drastically. And this waas easier for me to implement :P

THanks for playing my game. You are absolutelly right that I have not mentioned that the pieces would fall off after some time, as if I´d keep them on board, there would be basically no challenge ;)

Wow, now I am really surprised with your feedback. You are actually first one who have such problems. But the tutorial is the main page, where you are basically forced to try all the controls that you will need in the game, let me summarize that. The game is an endless runner, so you have a character, that is "infinitely" running and you need to overcome all the obstackles in your way. The twist is, that at the same time you need to complete the jig saw puzzle, as if you don't you will not see much. 

Left mouse click to pickup a puzzle piece. Right mouse button to put down the puzzle piece.

To control the runner you need your arrows. Left to run left, right to run right and up to jump.

But really all of it can be found in the very first scene ;) Let me know if this helped! And thanks for trying my game

It is so simple yet for some reason sooo good and you exactly hit that sweet spot where player (or at least me) with each game over screen will say "c´mon, I can do better than that!" and start over. If that isn´t sign of great design, I don´t know what is. Great job, going into my TOP list from this game jam ;)

I feel so relaxed and overall so good. Really nice and sweet entry. Thank you for this experience. Good job done

Thank you dor playing and I am glad you liked the game. I am thinking about some post jam update, just not sure how big update it will be ;)

Really lovely entry. The art style is very nice and overall I love the atmosphere. Great job

Thank you so much!

This is really impressive! The only thing I can think of that would be a nice adjustment would be to merge your tutorials. You have really nice ingame tutorial with hints and everything, but you have missed few parts to mention and it took me a while to figure that out (I went to the description on itch and sudenly all was clear - so technically my bad). But still, since you have it ingame already, why not to include everything. But this is hardly a complaint. The art and idea is just great and I really liked it! Great job!

Ok unfortunatelly I was not able to win as the final boss in the arena stomped me to the ground. The game is quite simple, yet works quite well. Would be cool to see bit more tasks to interact with but overall this is nice idea and cool take on the theme. Good job!

Love it, the retro feel is really well handled and the only thing I am missing is the real arcade with sticks and hand full of coins :) Great job!

Awesome! :)

Definatelly goes to my list of TOP games from this jam. Love it all the way thru, and I was even able to get one extra flower :P Really top notch entry and the music with the sounds! Just great! Thank you for this amazing experience

Great game, I have found 11 flowers, is there some reward? :D 

Amazing what you were able to pull off during the game jam! Love it, feels very polished and well designed, the variety is quite nice and I had to use my brain. Nice stretch. Thanks a lot for this experience! Good job

You are absolutely correct, run with un-placed piece is a way how to  play it, but it will take quite some time to get to the higher score, so I have included that placing the pieces will make the score way better ;) Thanks a lot for playing

THAnk you so much for such a kind words. You are right that the difficulty might be set up high at the begining, but it is just because there are only 3 puzzles visible. Once you see more, the begining is pretty easy and later on I add birds and spikes to make it bit harder. Unfortunately I did not have time to make better work on the balance the dificulty ;) But again thank you so much 

What a shame that I don´t have a flash card with my old GameBoy Color, would love to try it there :) But overall this is really nice game and if it is actually playable on gameBoy ... wow! Great job!

Ok ,my apologies I was indeed wrong. I have played it again few times around and it seems that I got confused by the fire that is spreading as I must have killed one fire and at the same time the new one was created, so the counter felt like nothing has changed. Sorry for the confusion ;)

Cool game, the theme is well suited and overall this is well handled, the only thing is that I did not really felt in danger, which takes away the challenge a little and also the movement is bit too fast. But I had a fun with your project and made myself a big blob :) Good job!

Just brilliant. 10/10 you won congrats! This is just too good . Love it and I have nothing more to say. Great job done!

I mean for the timeframe you had for this to create, it is pretty impressive! Love the little jets :) Good job

The concept is prepared well, but it would be good to ramp up the difficulty and play with the level design bit more as right now it is quite easy to get it done. Also I was hoping for a level where each blob would have different path to solve, as now you can only watch just one blob and you know what the other does. I understand that this is not an easy task to think of during the jam, so please take my notes as my view to some feature improvements :) Overall you did great job, the game feels polished and the design is very clear.  

Nice idea and I love the music you have created to the background. It would need some polish, but which of the gameJam project wouldn't, right? Good job done! Keep it up, this could become a nice thing

Well for such time frame you did amazing job!

The art is really great as well as the puzzles. Nice job done !

THank you so much for kind words! Glad you liked it!

Really sweet manage-the-ship game. Love the environment and the ambient sounds and music on the background. Always love the contrast of silent space with life dangering threat :) Would be great to have some sort of a goal that would be visible, although it is obvious that you need to survive. And at the end I managed to do so and from the begining it looks super easy but with multiple malfunctions I was glad that the victory screen came just in time :) Great job!

Ok I am not sure if doctors would approve or agree in the terms os "stronger together" but this was a real fun! The swinging around the city is just so awesome! Great job!!

Thanks a lot! Well last days were pretty exhausting but I managed to include almost everything I wanted :) Glad you enjoed the game

THank you so much for playing and feedback. I can certainly implement what you suggest, but as I was playtesting the game during development, drag&drop was way too easy and would require to make the runner itself more dificult, that is why I stick with clicking option. But! It could be used as "easy" option of the game ;) THank you

Sometimes if felt that the fire count was not acurate, but I might be also wrong. Other then that I have nothing to say. It is well designed, understandable and the music is making really cool atmosphere, it keeps the tension up and I felt like "hurry up, find that fire!!" :) Great job!

Playing as a zombie is certainly a fresh idea and fun to play. You did really nice job although some bacground music would be a nice touch that would make the gameplay even more complete and sometimes I did not feel stronger while in group as if I understand right, once the main player is hit, the game is over. For future I would just adjust it in a way that if someone from the group from zombies is alive, you still have chance to infect. But totally understand if this wasn´t the way you wanted to go ;) I had a great time with your game, thank you for that and Great job done!

really sweet entry! The art is amazing as well as the gameplay (although some colliders could be little polished) but overall really amazing what you were able to pull off together in the given timeframe! Good job.

So unfortunately I wasn´t really able to complete it, and also unable to play it in fullscreen mode (as recomended). I can see the idea and it could be nice, but few things would definitely help to make the experience nicer. First would be to change the art pattern of the "walls" it was hard for me to look at it to be honest. And some sounds would be great as well. Also the player seems to have no HP which makes it really easy and alsmost no challenge to complete the dungs. And I would also reconsider changing the way how you enter the southern cave. You are walking down and sudenly up again once you enter the dung. And once you are leaving it is the other way around. So I have cleared the dung went out and just by pressing the down key I was back in the dung and asked to kill all again? :) That was bit confusing. But don´t get me wrong, you did great job and most importantly you have finished a game! Great job on that! Keep it up ;)