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Thanks mate! :)

Great job done as always David! It might not be clear to anyone at the beginning but the fact that you were able to fill the game with voice acting is incredible and all of it done during the game jam time frame! + it sounds perfect (the radio distorted voices and breathing are great touch), all of it adds to the misterious atmosphere along with amazing background music... I just wish there will be more of it! I humbly bow infront of yours and Daniels amazing entry! Thank you for this experience 

Awesome! Good job :)

Thanks a lot, you were too kind. Now after 2 updates, the experience should be way better, but still a real ending or win condition is still missing :D

Thank you for such a kind words, really glad you liked it. I think that so far, this is my best solo project I have made and I still wonder if I should revisit it again and do some proper updates or new content. 

THank you for the feedback and I will certainly have a look at your game ;)

Amazing audio on this one. Also the bullet hell is really nice, but very challenging and it would be nice to give player some variety in the weapons as it can get from fun and challenging to frustrating very fast :) I wasn' t able to beat all 3 bosses just the first one and the second about to 5% of health, but I did not have more energy to get back to it and try it again :D Great job on the entry!

Thanks a lot for playing the game and congratulations, you have found that bug I was hoping no one will notice :D Yeah, it is most likely caused by spamming the dash button way too much. I will have a look at it and fix that. Some simple cooldown should do the trick I believe.

Hey, I won! :) Now this is what i call a real chaos! Great job on theme representation and the overall fun of the gameplay. The only thing that is missing is the sound or sound effects, but apart from that I just love it! 

Pretty solid entry ... I love how you managed how the tornado looks. Good job!

As others mentioned, the web version is not working. It happened to me as well, try this:

In unity go to > Build Settings > Player Settings... > Player > and in "Publishing Settings" set "Compression Format" as "Disabled" ? and build your game again.

I also had this problem with my builds, and this setting fixed it (I am running 2020.3.14f1 version of Unity). Feel free to DM me ;)

Thanks a lot!

This is really sweet idea. I found it very hard, though it is great! Good job done

Sweet, I must say that this is really chaotic and quite hadr first to understand what to do and then get the hang of it, but once you'll get it, it gets instantly addictive and I wanted to beat the high score over and over again. Great entry, the best score I got was 44.

Nothing spectacular at the end, but nice to see that you have tried :) Thank you!

thx! :)

Very nice game, if I should critique something it would be just few things. First, I am huge fan of the screenshake but you have it bit too much for me. Also some of the effects feels weird and would be cool to have some visuals once you' ll get hit. But the art style and gameplay itself is really nice and I enjoyed it a lot actually. Good job

Cool concept and quite a lot of content for such a small amount of time. It would great to hear some background music and also I would argue if fire can kill water ... but that' s just me :P and I guess that in chaos, everything is possible. Really nice entry overall! Good job

If this isn' t chaos, I don' t know what is :D The controls are weird and the sounds are not comfortable, just like every real chaos should look like. Great job on the theme representation, as a game itself it would not probably work well, but for the game jam this is really great. Good job!

Thanks a lot for giving it a try

Great entry, and the chaos is well represented. Nice minimalistic approach and the lights and night makes the atmosphere really cool. One thing that would be nice to have, is that after you die, to see some sort of result, as it is hard to keep the eye on death count and once you die it is gone :) But that is hardly a complaint. Really nice entry

that' s fair and that' s what I thought as the disasters you use, are considered as chaos in general ;)

Thank you for saying that. Tetris-effect was in fact a rough inspiration for me, although my effects are far from being that cool, I just hope that the sound made it at least bit more intense ;)


Really nice entry, truth is that the theme might not be clear at first sight, but with later levels it can get bit chaotic. I really like how you used the mechanics of different "weapons" and also loved the music! Very solid entry

Thanks for feedback! Yeah the graphics would make it way better for sure, but as I had very little time I have decided to skip it this time and focus to finish the entry at least ;) Have played yours already, will leave comment on your page ;)

nice, did not know that! 

Thanks, yeah you are right, but unfortunatelly I don' t have any experience with that yet. In the last minute I thought that some CRT shader could make a good feel to the game, but it was too late to dig into that idea. Perhaps in some after jam update I will give it a go


thx, mate :)

Thank you!

The atmosphere is really spooky and I really loved it. Overall the sounds are just great and would love to have access to that track itself :) 

Overall nice take on the theme, sometimes I had this weird lag, that would freeze the scene and I had to wait few moments for an unfreeze. But it is possible that this is just an issue of the browser and fullscreen mode? Not sure, nothing serious though. Did not made it till the end yet, as it is quite challenging to get past the dungeon.

Really great job done! Enjoyed this one

thanks a lot mate! The originall idea was to make a game about "Credits" ... the credits would start to roll in and player would need to survive till the very end of the credits. So the platforms would be words and there would be hidden traps and stuff. I had the idea in had for quite some time and never tried it, so I took a chance here and tried to prototype a similar idea (yet very simplified and adjusted a bit to the theme)

Thanks a lot! I will prepare some after jam update with fixes, so the experience feels bit more complete ;) Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much for playing my entry!

So great to see horror game. It gave me chills few times, and overall I must say that the atmosphere is really great! 

Man that is hard! But I love the idea! Truth is that I was playing on a touch pad without the mouse, so I will give it another go tomorrow with mouse, but the concept is very original and challenging. And that is it, I have really nothing else to say, as it is just great! Good job!

Interesting take on the theme, very originall aproach and I kinda like that you go all in and don' t have the "back door" for the case, where player would stand still and did nothing. Love how much variety you were able to pull off the only downside especially with your game is the absence of sounds. You have created just a great pool for multiple crazy sound effects, but I totally get that the time constrains of the jam are sometimes way too heavy. Anyway great job done!!

I love the concept, however it would need some ballancing in the terms of difficulty. Every gameplay was quite short. The art looks really nice, but also would be great to give the player bit better visual help of what is going on. But really solid entry, good job.