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would love to rate your game, but can´t find it on LudumDare, can you please share a link for your LD page?

The game is super fun btw! Love it, great job!

I shot them! I shot them all! Congrats on new game mate! Love it!

Hello, thanks for the interest! but I am afraid we are not recruiting. 

Have you ever wondered why we have to, from time to time, suffer thru the long loading screens? 

This frenetic-button-smashing experience that will uncover the mysteries of the loading process. Come and try it!

Thanks a lot for the effort! Unfortunately the loading of WebGL will not finish on my phone :/ Will give it a go on other devices ;)

Any chance for iOS or desktop version? :P

This is amazing and the best overall experience from LD45 so far! Would you consider expand and release the Sound Console itself as a separate tool/game? Great job!

Really nice idea and feels polished and overall well executed! Great Job!

This is really nice concept! Simple but yet so catchy! Great job.

This is really great stuff! Juicy is really the word that describes the action here! Good job!

Hey, just yesterday I have released my second (self-made) game project called 'Wire Walkers'. It is a little game about people crossing a wire from one place to another, mostly above an abyss or just pretty high. 

The gameplay is pretty easy and straight forward. You can choose from 2 playable characters and try to beat 3 levels (I plan to add 1 more playable character and one more level). The project is still a learning thing to me as I am very poor with coding, so the main focus is on Art and Animations.

If you find some time to play Wire Walkers and perhaps leave some feedback, that would be awesome. It is free and playable only from Browser.

Thank you,


Thank you! Means a lot!

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Haven't played, haven't heard of that either. We had few ideas in mind on the beginning of LudumDare, and zombie game won. Bob the Zombie was originally just a draft name, at the end we stick to that. 

Really interesting concept. Thanks for nice experience! :)

Amazing. Not only art but also the gameplay! Controls feel very nice and intuitive. Great job!

Sweet little arcade... the sound and graphics makes great retro vibe and feel. I wish I had something like this on my Nokia :) 

Really amazing idea! Love the combination of intense horse race and calm card strategy. 

Do you have any other plans with this game? 

I have played some earlier build and getting back to this now, I can feel the experience is way better. I want to give it few more tries and try all the difficulties as I tried only few runs now. Still I really like the idea and it bring back good old Asteroids vibes :) 

Really curious about your future plans with this project.

P.S. I dig the violin sound sooo much! Great idea! Keep it up mate ;)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. I am already working on some new ideas, hopefully I'll be able to bring them to live soon ;)