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In the example enemies you provided, does "wounds 2/ round," and "wounds 3/round" mean that enemy gets 2 and 3 attacks per round? And if so, would that be against two/three different targets or just one?

This is fantastic! I played and enjoyed Elegy and I regularly play Ironsworn but I find both to be a little too...beefy for my limited day-to-day playtime. I love the evocative art. Oh and the instructions are clear and concise enough for a nitwit like me to understand. Great work! Hope to see more in the future!

I will be trying this soon and playing as a hobbit on a walking holiday. I hope to be back home in time for tea.

"Nucleobliterator Cannon" is one of the best names for a fucking weapon ever. Love the whole style of the layout. And the three attributes shoot, punch, kiss - way cool. Everything has this sort of alt-trans-punk aesthetic (is that even a thing?) which is really different and fun to read. Everything sort of POPS and gets you pumped to bash a nazi skull in with your platform shoes before hitting up the club for some victory fucking.

A very cool game. I have been playing it solo and having a lot of fun. Also, the Oracle page is super useful for other games as well.

Is there any chance to get a printer-friendly black and white version?

I believe it's advantage and disadvantage. So you roll 2d6 and take the best or worst of the two dice. So if you roll d6/a and get a 3 and a 5, you would take the 5. But if you were rolling d6/d you would have to take the 3 instead.

Correct me if I'm wrong 😂 I've only read the rules a few times and haven't played it yet.

Very cool game. Beautiful artwork. I love, love, love the setting and the lore created by Horos. Great work!

Very cool! Great work!

I absolutely love this game! The setting  and the random tables are so flavorful and really spark my imagination. The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand and work very well and the art - oh my gosh! I would buy this for the art alone! Well done!

I really enjoy your game system. It's incredibly easy to learn and work with, and very hackable. Thanks for your sharing this with the world!

No rush, I just like having physical copies of the games I play. Definitely not a huge problem 😊

Any chance for a printer-friendly version?

Beautifully done! The art and layout are fantastic. Everything you need to run amazing roleplaying session is right there in the rulebook. As a solo gamer, I'm super excited to see all the extra tables for hex crawls and GM emulation. There's even a settlement generator AND npc generator? It's an all-in-one package! Brilliant work! Much respect!

I love this game so much. I've been playing Ironsworn for ages and when I found the original version of Iron Valley I was overjoyed. And this new update? OMG! I can't believe how well it's all come together. And the art is absolutely adorable and totally sells the whole theme and aestetic. Super fun to play! Super simple too! Can't wait for those romantic updates 😗 I really wanna ask my grocer to marry me!

Just finished reading through the rules and I really like what I see. I think you're on to something pretty amazing here so keep up the good work! 

This is absolutely amazing! I love Ironsworn and now I can combine two of m6 favorite things - Ironsworn AND Avatar!? Thank you!

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Does this require Solitary Defilement or is it more or less your version of that supplement?  I already use Defilement and Feretory and in wondering what sets this apart if anything. I realize it's an expansion but I've seen some people saying it's more it's on thing and they don't use both supplements?

Wow. I was looking for something exactly like this and I'm a little shocked it was so easy to find. Thank you! 😅

      "Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!" - Professor Oak.


      The very first time I booted up Pokémon Blue on the gray brick that was my brother's Game Boy, I was hooked. Inside was a whole new world filled with monsters, giant bugs, mythical birds, and terrifying science experiments. 

      As I traversed the pixelated world, I imagined myself journeying with my own Pokémon pals, spelunking in the cool, damp caves of Mt. Moon, or getting lost in the maze-like Viridian forest, or surfing across the vast ocean to the volcanic island of Cinnabar. As the years passed, I picked up each new game and had so many more adventures - but none of them could ever recreate that first time in 1998. Nothing, that is, until I was browsing Itch one day and found this absolute gem. 

      As I read the rules of Pokémon Tales, I could feel a childlike grin crossing my face, and the images of my 10-year-old self with his pal Squirtle at his side and the Indigo Plateau on the horizon, filled my mind. All at once, every Pokémon dream I had ever had seemed possible. 

      The simple rules coupled with the excellent guidance and examples of gameplay make learning this game a breeze, and soon I was starting out on my own Pokémon adventure. The going was tough - my starter Pokémon and I ran into some trouble in the forest near my hometown as the infamous Team Rocket attempted to steal some of the forest's rarer Pokémon. But Squirtle and I were able to team up with a spunky Phantump and send Team Rocket into the stratosphere! Afterward, Phantump joined our team, and we waved goodbye to the forest Pokémon and headed off together to our next great adventure. 

      I can't recommend Pokémon Tales enough. If you've ever wanted to blaze your own path through the world of Pokémon, meeting strange and amazing pals, then this is the right game for you. Learning to play without roleplaying game without dice may seem a little confusing at first, but once it clicks, you'll be weaving amazing stories and forging new legends in no time. 

      Thank you, Iron Echo Games, for your hard work and dedication to making something we Poké fans have been begging for all these years. 


      "Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!" - Professor Oak.

The character sheet pdf download is a multiple page rules summary and not an actual character sheet.

Awesome game! Simple yet fun mechanics. But im confused about the “called shot”. Does the attack actually bypass armor negating it’s protection or can you only preform a called shot on an unarmored part of the body? The wording was a little confusing to me - but im also a moron so could just be me 😂😅

Thanks for the reply! I thought that was how it worked but I wasn't positive. I'm kinda new to role-playing games in general 🤣

Cairn community · Created a new topic Fatigue and inventory

Im apparently too dense to understand the fatigue system. When suffering fatigue - does the slot it takes in the inventory become unusable for loot storage? If all slots are already taken with loot, does the player drop the loot?

Thanks for the quick reply! I thought that was the intent but I had to make sure because my players are greedy little stinkers who loooooove taking advantage of the rules-lite games i run 🤣

Does the +10 advantage stack up the more you aid allies, deal damage, ect, or do you only get one per encounter? 

Excited to play this as it looks great! But page 6 is a printing nightmare! 99% black is great for the aesthetics but terrible for the printer lol.

I noticed that the English pdf had a Spanish character sheet in the back instead if an English one. It's easy enough to track everything on a piece of scrap paper of course.

Great game. Easy mechanics and beautiful art throughout. Highly recommend for any Solo game enthusiasts.