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Great level design and the use of lighting was amazing. I loved the story text as helpful gameplay tips which helped me complete the game. Well done!

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Your game was really cool with the FX! At one point I thought the music was going to start adding tracks sort of like a music game where you control the music. I figured out the controls after a few minutes of missing the boxes, then I was able to clear all of the boxes but then they just respawned. I tried clicking guide in the in game pause menu but that didn't work. After I saw the guide in the main menu I saw there were supposed to be enemies but I didn't come across any. Overall physics were really fun and kept me engaged just trying to clear the boxes.

Ruunn, they zombies were fun to shoot for a while. Then I went exploring but didn't run into much. 


Thanks a lot, it means a lot to have someone play your game!