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One of the aspects we wanted to try and get was a unique feel for each planet. I'm glad that you were able to pick up on it.

Thanks it means a lot to us that you and your kids were able try it out and enjoy it. We had the same reaction when play testing and trying to race each other.

The freezing mechanic seemed kinda unique for this sort of game which surprised me. Picking up boxes often caused them to be deleted by the red areas causing a lot of frustrating but besides that it seemed like a polished jam game. I had a good laugh at the message about secret areas and budget.

I would of love to see this game with more time to be worked on or more people. For a jam game the art was well done and I didn't encounter any bugs.

Simple game that can lead to long gameplay times (for a jam game). It has a really good balance of difficulty at the start and increase over time. The shadows showing what is coming up even if unintentional works out great. The jammed theme could of been more mechanic oriented having some effect on the ship like jamming it.

Fun little game. Prompts in game explaining that jam has 3 uses, left click spreads it and most importantly that the microwave needs to be sent outside the airlock to win would allow people to jump in quickly. The controls are a tad floaty, adding slightly faster acceleration at the start might solve that issue. Besides the obvious things missing a well made game.

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For a game with no thumbnail, screenshot or a good blurb this game blew me away. Visuals aside the gameplay was really amazing. The puzzles difficulty was great, I had to think about them for a couple of minutes and getting the box to the switch on the last level got me first time round and gave me a good laugh. I'm really sad you didn't have time to flesh out the art and make the game page more appealing because 0 ratings on day 2 is not what this game deserves.

Awesome game you made I really liked. Here is mine

Fun little puzzle game. A little hard but should still be fun.

Really solid entry I could see this becoming a fleshed out game with levels that add more difficulty while giving you new tools. It is the only game so far this jam that even after I knew I had reached the end of the content and difficulty I kept playing a little more for fun. 

Fun little puzzle game. I would love to see lets play to know how they approach the puzzles and try and figure them out. 

One of the puzzles get a lot of people stumped so have fun.

feedback on my puzzle game would be great. It is a little hard but that is why any feedback would be great.

The game is kinda cool  looking but sadly it either bugged out or I just don't know how to interact with anything. I tried to interact with the red button or move as well the other two objects but nothing happened. Also I only found this game because it shares the same name as mine.

The health system is well done that is both rewarding and punishing. The tense feeling of needing a new tire as the police number gets closer as a good amount of tension. 

Plays well and looks really good but there is little purpose for the player. Getting the carrots are not a challenge and is not rewarding to collecting them. Having the carrots spread out like collectables and enforce exploration a little bit it would of been a good time waster.

I saw your game on the twitter a bunch and i have been meaning to play it. i guess this now forces me

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Have a go at my game and post yours so I can give it a go and rate it.
Short chill puzzle game. 

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Short Puzzle game
Short Puzzle game
Short puzzle game

Short puzzle game with pretty nice graphics

I really liked the art style and if it was consistent throughout the game (UI, text) it would be been amazing. It handled well and didn't feel too hard but maybe a little easy after a couple of tries. 

Is there anything being revealed on the day like a theme or something to make this year different to all the other years? 

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I replied to your other comment before seeing this woops. Thank you a ton for playing our game and completing it. It makes the past 7 days of work have so much more meaning.

Our sound designer (TheOriginal201) made the intro song from scratch. I think most of the other sounds are downloaded with a bit of editing. He has done a decent amount of music for a couple of other games.

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If you have not played the game yet do not read this comment. Give it a try first and if you get stuck come back and read this. 

The main mechanic and way to interact with the game is by looking at different objects. Everything runs on a clock and by looking away from the "clock" it stops ticking. Every puzzle piece uses this aspect, so approach the puzzles by looking from different angles and or avoiding certain objects.

The most confusing thing which is due to bad design on my part is that you can get into puzzles without being able to solve them. Once you have finished two puzzles look around for something that has changed.

Lastly it may not be clear how the theme was incorporated into the game. The idea was that you are able to break out of a loop to solve a puzzle. Creating a loop hole. Also the game is very short and the ending isn't much. So if it seems like the game is over it most likely is.

Thank you so much for giving our game a go and I hope you had a great game jam.

Sure thanks for giving it a go. So the main mechanic is that nothing works when you arent looking at it. For example a clock would only tick when you look at it but would stop when you look away. There are a total of 4 puzzles but two you cannot do until you complete the first two. Try activating certain things then looking away. Notice what happens if you arent looking at certain puzzle pieces.
Quick puzzle game
Quick Puzzle Game

Declan had done some pixel art before but it never had a deadline and it usually wasn't this sort of theme however the art still turned out amazing.

The planet was originally planned to be much bigger however doing art for the entire surface proved to be very troublesome. This caused us to scale down both the planet and drill causing the modern effect. 

The grindy gameplay is caused by a lack of objectives the player has. If there were more destructible, things to do with the drill early on and more weapons/bombs I think the gameplay would of felt satisfying for the entire game. There was also an idea of adding enemies that would break the drill and fire at the enemy to add some more bits of gameplay.

It was meant to be slow-ish at the start and the player was meant to feel powerful by the end. The main enjoyment out of the game is the progression of increased fire power. However the balancing for the end game was very rushed and not properly tested. More weapons and bombs were planned as well as enemies.

Thank you

The game is interesting and I could see the ambition and love put into it and the hundreds of unfinished ideas you most likely had for it. The aesthetic of the game is great, cool designs for the environment and world building. However the gameplay has no satisfaction and reward in it. The gameplay lacks a lot of feedback like when mining there is no feedback that it is being mined. Adding sounds, movement or particle effects could solve it. I played for well over 30 minutes looking for a way to obtain blue/yellow crystals and couldn't find a single thing. The UI is very simple and well put together however the player's thought dialogue is hard to read. The sound of jumping and the music is extremely quiet when compared to the ui click noise and Beast dialogue skip.

Even if the gameplay was more satisfying it would just be a repetitive gameplay loop. Adding areas that need you to of achieved something would allow expansion onto it. A game with similar gameplay loop would be Subnautica. 

To add the how the theme was implemented the original way we planned to implement the theme was by using oxygen as a propellant and leaving it behind to explore the area. We quickly figured out that  the theme wasn't strong enough so we added the narrator so that in the ending you had to leave him behind. A voice is missing for the final area where he says "I guess you have to leave me because there is no way to save me." This was discovered after the jam had ended and I felt that since it wasn't game breaking it did not need fixing.