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Thank you very much for your support!

Thanks very much!


Apologies, but I do not have a shareable palette. It's likely no big deal, you can use whatever colour selection you desire and then place the texture beside the ones in the pack, and you'll see immediately if it's an appropriate fit or not. You could also reduce the amount of colours in say, Photoshop, and go from there.

Thank you kindly, jens! That means a lot to me, really thank you, I appreciate it. There'll be other packs soon, I'm working hard on them!

You're very welcome!

Thanks a lot, my friend!

Thank you!

Hey Kaarin, thank you so much for sharing. I wish more people would show me what they do with my work. Good luck with your game dev journey!

You're welcome!

Hey, thanks! Discord request sent.

Neat art! (:

Modified CC4.0, it is included in the files.
Essentially, do whatever you like! With the exception of resale and claiming as your own. Credit appreciated.

Hey, thank you for your interest in my work! Unfortunately no, I have not released any new ones as of yet. However, I do not plan on leaving this set as is without further sets in the same style - more sets are indeed still on the way

Haha, thank you!


Glad you like it!

Splendid, it works exactly as intended! No business account necessary. Thank you for your hard work on this!

Feel free to add Portugal to said list.
An alternate solution would be most welcome!

Thank you very much for your support, I will be releasing a couple more sets as soon as possible.
I greatly appreciate the tips, also! You've no idea how they help!


More stuff coming soon!

Legend has it, atop a distant hill overlooking the vast sea, a fortress carved from stone emerges through the fog, lit by moonlight. Many have ventured into its depths looking for riches, and none have returned. And yet, curiosity takes the best of even the keenest cat. Will you meet the same fate?

I made this neat pack inspired by Castlevania's level design, I'm planning on making more of these as a part of a bigger 'world' in the future.
Take a look at it, possibly purchase it (would really help me out) and let me know your thoughts!

Hey that's really cool, thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it!

The heavens have heard your request and a door has been added. Rejoice!

Glad to be of service!

You're welcome!


Oh wow man that looks awesome!

It's why I do what I do, to help fellow game devs bring their ideas to life.

Well if you make some money at some point I will definitely appreciate a donation, pixel art is my full-time job.

Keep making cool stuff!

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Hey! It's free to use in any project (even if your project is a commercial one), credit is appreciated!

Hey Martin,
You're correct, it is indeed missing! I'm surprised nobody pointed that out thus far.
I've updated it now.
Thanks for your support!

All of them, amigo.

The sheep aren't in the pack for now, I might add them at a later date and also expand the pack with a few npcs, animals, new tiles, etc.. if there's enough interest of course! Thanks for your interest and feedback my friend.

Hey Sharm!
Oh I recognize you! I remember stumbling upon your tiny16 set a handful of times when I was learning pixel art and looking up references. Nice to meet you haha.

Yeah you're right it's MortMort's SoftMilk32 palette with a couple changes.
To be honest this tileset had been on the shelf for months, I figured why not share it, you know? Thank you so much for your support!

Just released this thing right here, so feel free to download it, donate and give me some feedback on how to improve this one and/or future packs!!

Check it out over here: Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Trees

Here's a free asset pack.
Free trees for me, trees for you, trees for all of us. Have all the trees, free of charge.

Get them here:

Let me know your thoughts, remember to follow me, buy my other asset packs, take your vitamins, don't do any drugs and pray before bedtime oh and buy my other asset packs.

Hey everyone!

I've just released the first tileset of my 'Jestan's RPG', affordable pixel art series!  
It looks something like this:

I'm really interested to hear your feedback on this and I'm also planning on releasing a bunch of other tilesets compatible with this one soon.

You can get it here: