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Yes, that is a limitation of collision checking, not a bug.

Just don't set the speed to a high value.

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I just like SFML for 2D apps.

If you're looking for a good and simple 3D framework then Irrlicht is the way.

Skyboxes don't work as they normally would.

Check the manual:

Skybox is either one single plane (hence one single square texture) or a wide texture that will be mapped to a cylinder around player.

There are many reasons why your game can't be played in test mode.

Most probably - you have windows defender restricting it from launching an EXE from the editor. You can actually just use a bat file (or create a shortcut) and put "-file YOURPROJECTNAME" as argument to launch your project. The exe should already be in the "projects" folder. If there is none - that is the reason for being unable to test your game.

FSM manual had some errors on the base states for enemies. Will be fixed in the next version someday. Until then, you can try asking people who made a working one since I can't provide one ATM.

You need to load an image first with "image" command. Then you use this image's name (that you set it to) in "button" command. The image should be a horizontal sprites-sheet consisting of three uniform images

It took about 2 years.

OpenGL and SFML are my old-time buddies so I can't even tell, how long I've been using them

No. Text sound was never implemented.You can somewhat se a simpl sound bu you ned to add it in a list:


and then play it

play sound NAME

There should be hardly any impact on performance, considering everything else engine does. 

Just loading time and memory usage will be higher. Also, not every GPU supports big textures, but I imagine it's not that big of a problem nowadays.

Yeah, bricking is.... often...

I wonder if I should make auto-backup option so it would back up the entire project when saving... would take a lot of space though...

Actually resolution is not really restricted. You just have to scale your sprites properly. It's a good idea to crop your sprites (all of them should be the same size though) so it would show at the top left corner and then adjust their position by enetring X and Y values.

You need to provide MD3 model with animations.

Then you'll probably need to write a state machine file

It MIGHT work with teh latest update, but I'm not sure.
How it works now is: transparency below 128 (or 0.5) will not be rendered at all, this technically should properly render everything behind.

Texture name is independent from what you add in 3d editor. It's name should be the same as the model's and should be placed in the same folder, just as Ragnar said.

Actually, hitscan attacks are working as intended. I'm pretty sure it was kinda borken in RGM or worked in a strange way. Not a complete compatibility, I know, but it would take many tweakings to get this right.

The bug with projectiles is known, there is also a problem with projectiles speed.

Attack range is also a known bug.

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You can reach me in Discord on  OFPSC server:  

Just ping me or KeshaFilm in the english chat and I'll send you a PM when I'll see it.

There are no differences as of the latest version, I enabled every feature of PRO version in Lite. Just don't use the experimental one, it's outdated.

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C++ and SFML for 2D and window management. 3D is done with OpenGL

Do mind ids (if there are ids. I don't really remember myself). They have to be properly set for the map to recognize them.

It was mentioned in manual. You have to use only latin characters and no whitespaces.

The engine uses spaces as delimeters when parsing files

Did you create your project in a separate folder inside "Projects" folder?

Did you save your project before attempting to run the game?

Multi-player is out of question. It's too much work for what is essentially a hobby project.

All I do now is just fix bugs. 3 years is too much for such a project to keep adding something new without getting to a stable state.

This has been fixd and will be there with the next update.
When - unsure.
Perhaps in mid or late january.

i hope to get back to fixing bugs soon. No real promises though.

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Yeah, it's not really clear.
I'm not a GUI designer so it's all more... functional? than pretty and clear to understand.
Could've probably swapped this icon with the one with a plus symbol, though...

Unlikely. Everything is hardcoded, so customization from outside is kinda limited.

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Hopefully it will end someday.

Until then I'll try to come up with something about this. Be it my mental state or the state of the editor.

Be safe.

There is no basic template. You have to provide a set of sprites according to manual.

I don't really understand what you mean by "basic files"

I'll think on releasing source in future.

The source code is messy and is not recommended to be read by anyone )

No, really. It has a long legacy pieces that I never got to remove and is in any way held by ducktape and prayers.

The real name is Easy FPS Editor as I didn't think of anything better. I might release the soure code in future, but not now.

I wonder though; why would you need it?

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I just burned out.

I will fix remaining bugs when I'll get to it and this will probably be the last big update.

I also can't get it to Steam for one simple reason - I'm from Russia, so releasing it on Steam would be nearly impossible.

Adding score is somewhat possible through FSM but there is no real way of showing it to payer.

Time limit is a no go.

In short, a real survival mode is not possible.

No and no.

Third person is unfinished and will never be finished.

Triggers scripts are broken as of now.

They're fixed for the next version