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Devastating and beautiful.  A horrifying look into letting somebody else define you, this story uses it's relationship story to explore intimacy and gender while keeping a sharp focus on the feelings involved.

You're literally not - 

"just this gay shit existing is spoling it" is a judgement call, not a question.  And I do think straight people can and maybe should play it, just like all of the straight content I consume despite not being able to connect with it on that grounds.  You not liking it means literally just that, delete it and move on.

They'll have to patch in better socialism then ;)

What a cute game!  I wish I had a little mouse to brew me coffee.

A really touching erotic story, I can feel a lot of the echoes of pandemic trauma through it in a really interesting way. Definitely worth a playthrough if you have the time. 

I beat up a mosquito and never lost my smile :)

The models are charming and I had a good time playing it

Because people's effort deserves compensation, even if you in particular don't value their work.

Not the best score, catching the monsters on the bg when I don't know what I'm looking for is pretty hard >~<
Adds to the tension deliciously, though

Love the art! Going from these sketchy plates to meaty sounds builds a much more tense experience than I expected. A fun little project ❤

A short, heartfelt experience. I love how it grounds a modern tale of codependency into a myth we're all  familiar with. The surreal presentation with isolated assets definitely adds to that, evoking the intimacy and familiarity of everyday life, tying Theseus' experience to our own through time.

Such a cute game! It captures so much of what makes the magic of car trips what it is, and left a hopeful feeling in my heart.

The stellar journey of the roundest boy I've ever seen, 10/10

I enjoyed it! The art style was nice

Really powerful, I love how you're deciding for yourself what your body means to you, and loving it on your own terms.

I really like and appreciate the concept of curating specifically hard to find / infrequently played games - very few games I've made myself have been played more than a handful of times (which I'm personally okay with), but there's a huge amount of really fantastic games with herculean amounts of effort put into them that have barely been noticed. I think that games could grow so much as an art form if we didn't look for just what we're expecting from games, and Steve Cook's work has undoubtedly helped with that, even in a small way.