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Will I find it here? Or where should I keep an eye out?

Did solo rules ever get created?

i think some files are missing

This is amazing I’m super pumped to get started

Any updates coming?

Can you play solo?

Hey is there any open license or opportunity to create content for Glide? I maybe myself a new map/tracker sheet and did some tweaks to the Character sheet I would love to share. Also, I’ve been having some extra game ideas as I have been playing. 

Can you play solo?

Question: can you pre-find quest items even if you don't have an active quest? So for example I picked up two at the Gilder Station but don't have an active quest. Do I just keep them?

I' going to try it this week and sometimes it's nice to see the “how to”

IS there a sample play through video anywhere?

sweet thanks I’ll take a look

I heard a rumor that a solo mode is coming. Any idea of the timeline?

is there any solo plans?

Is this a group or solo system?

Is there any plans for some mountains or other spaces.

ANNA-X66: REDUX community · Created a new topic Solo Play

just wondering if you can solo?

Have there been any updates?

thanks so much the we were placing a tile every time and it seems like it was moving way to fast 🤣

Rule Questions

  • If two players are in combat is it just one round and then their turn is over, and does the attacked player can run away or do they have to fight?.
  • Is a round = Moment + placing a tile. Do you always place a tile at the end of your turn?
  • If a player has the key and dies does it go to the winner of the combat? Or back ton the key tile?

How long is the sale on for

this game is amazing? Is there a character sheet at all?

What did you use to create this, I really like it. 

This is so clever

not relevant I think I’m just go with a boarder. It might work better anyway. Making it border less is just tough

yep that exactly it. 

I want to make a hex based board and in a Carcassonne style and I want to use your artwork. But I'm having issues figuring it how to design it so the pieces can fit together randomly and not always a set map layout. Any advice or suggestions?

Done, and if your making any new content please pass it along. I love the monsters graphics the best.

Thanks they have been loving it. I made it to help them learn to count. I loved the style of the game tileset and your art was a perfect fit. Working on a card based version now. 

Hey I used the graphics to create the monsters and heros for a boardgame I made for my kids, and others. People have loved your work especialy my kids.

is that the car for all your work or just this pack above?

I love the masters, are there like items and characters as well? I want to make a complete card game using these resources. I'm good with the Patreon but want to know if I can get everything in the same art style. 

is there a colour copy anywhere?

did you hand draw each picture or use a tile or graphics pack. I love the artwork and am looking for a similar design for some maps I want to build for some one page RPG pen and paper games.

monsters sorry 

were there posters in this pack as well???

Where did your get the character sprites from or do you have a recommendation for master/character in a similar style. 

FANTASTIC thank you so much this is amazing. It's been a dream of mine to do something like this.

Is there a way to use this set to draw a custom game board? I want to create a board game for my kids and this is the EXACT tile set I've bene looking for.