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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the first few mobs are really slow, just because you only have a couple abilities. Once you learn a few more it goes much faster, and you can even take on a few mobs solo.

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Hi 0x72, 

I am working on an open-source top-down mmorpg, using your tileset.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you put into it, as well as making it free for indie developers to use. 

It is hard to find high quality free assets, so thank you very much!


Yeah, I was thinking of  you must build a boat for sure when I was creating this game!!! Also, I will check out the normalization. I realized it was really speeding up when it was going diagonal.

Thanks for checking it out!! You are the second person to ask for keyboard, I will definitely add that in!

The paddle moves, click start and use the mouse. The guy doesn't move though.