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I like it, but sometimes the visuals aren't that clear. Like, the health status icon is a little confusing, a bar would be much better. Also, I had no idea what I was supposed to do in that launch(?) drone(?) section right after the first boss. Still, I am impressed by your ambition, and I look forward to what the full game will be.

I'd at least glance at them. Some of the more technical stuff I might skim, but I'd take a look. I do enjoy reading about game development and I do check my itch feed very regularly.

Ah. Good. Thanks for fixing this so quickly.

What happened? Last week this was available to purchase here on itch, but now this page only has a demo. Why was this changed? Will this be available to purchase here on itch at some point in the future?

I notice that each of these games is still available individually on your itch page, what is the difference? Are those the old versions, and if so, what is changed in these new versions?

Yeah, I got it now.

okay, I guess I can just continue to the right. But I still don't get how I can interact, if at all, with the elevator.

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I love it. But I'm stuck at the elevator(?). It seems like I need to enter it, and I thought I'd just press up to do so, but I tried that, and a whole lot of other things and nothing seems to work. What am I supposed to do here?

Well it looks like the game is free now. Which makes me more worried that this is being given up on.

Is this going to be updated any time soon? When do you think there will be a full release on PC?

Yeah, otherwise everything was fine.

Oh, also, do you think you could add an undo button and a restart button? Having to pause it and then restart it every time is a little annoying. Not a big deal, but it'd be nice.

Really liked it, but three time in a row, the demo crashed at Level 5, right before I finished the puzzle. But when I tried it one more time everything worked fine. Thought I should let you know.

Just tried the demo, it was amazing. Thank you so much for including gender selection, I loved the female protagonist's voice actress (well all the voice actresses are good, but she gets special mention for nailing domme voice). I look forward to the full version.

So I was gonna try out the demo, but the link takes me to an expired Mediafire page. Is the demo still available somewhere?

Got it now, thanks.

uhhh, I just purchased this and there's no Steam key.