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Hello! Thanks for your feedback :)

I understand the frustration with the rotation. There are different Control Modes in the Options where you can switch to a smooth one like you suggest, or change which key rotates in which direction. I think user-customizability is important. Mouse controls were deliberately not added though, both because I felt it'd be too easy, and because I wanted this to feel like a handheld game.

The skip feature is on the list for things to be added after the voting/judging period. Like most issues, it had to be down-prioritized due to lack of time :)

Very unique game! Fun, but I found the graphics to be a bit hard to distinguish sometimes.

Thanks a lot! It's eye-opening to see someone else play and your feedback was very valuable. I'd definitely make the world smaller as to not get lost underground, and make resources more common, if I release an update :)

Btw, it's pronounced like "slime-time" with a swedish accent ;)

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Thanks so much!


Yeah, the biggest challenge of the game for sure is to avoid all the slimes that gather up.

The lighting does respect the 64x64 resolution, yeah. If you want to verify for yourself, take a screenshot, increase the brightness and contrast, and you'll see there are no "subpixels" :)

Thanks again for your nice words! :)