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What would help with the programming of Automatons, is the ability to use Conditions in code. It would mean a bot dedicated to multiple tasks (that rely on the condition and status of other bots) could go ahead with other tasks while the other bots do not meet a condition. For example, if you have a bot that mines Metal Depos, and the chance to get Metal Ore or Stone is 50%, then you have another bot collecting the resource, but cannot due to its code telling it to wait for another robot to need a recharge. Conditionals would help - is the short way of putting it.

Sorry if it reads incorrectly.

Now Im having an Issue where it is not recognizing my RETURN key.

Im having an Error  -UnityPlayer.dll is missing (reinstall the program)

Very Fun... but I did get stuck on Intro 11 - Vertically for a while