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i really liked how youve used the links that change and add texts. and how the story unfolds. you truly used the tech to create an experience that i havent really seen anywhere else. simple and powerful! well done David!


Im quite impressed by this one, network multiplayer on a Jam, and it works lol. quite fun to play mechanic, i havent had the chance to play many like these. And also +1 on the asymmetric mechanic, which are rare nowadays but i love them.

Very fun to play and quite interesting they take on the theme. The graphics are very nice and amusing. Also nice poster for Fall Out Man.

The story is quite good and interesting.

really liked this one

Wow really good! very fun to play and the dialogues very funny. those video transitions are awesome too. and finally done in godot well done!e

Really good, i loved it :)

Love this game, its really good.