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Jeremy Oduber

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Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the creator has removed a lot of their work from the internet and it's been lost to the void.

It might very well be possible if there are enough characters to replace. Problem is that you couldn't just type out your text.

Thanks so much for the support! I'm glad it resonated with you. I'm working on a better thumbnail so that could eventually work as a cartridge label. For questions, feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter.

This is like being one of those weird god-like beings they encounter in Star Trek

You make me wish I had friends. Great concept though, I was even able to shoot some bottles!

Cool idea and I like the look

I'm not exactly sure what was going on, but it sure does look cool

Interesting. I really like how it looks

I hope you keep working on this because it looks REALLY cool

Very well done

Love that there's no mouselook. That's how it used to be done!

This has a lot of polish for something made in 7 days. Well done!

They don't make games like this anymore. I'm glad you did!

Love the command line stuff, love the style

I thought this was another teleporting fps but boy did you prove me wrong. Clever level design!

This looks like it could be a lot of fun with a goal and/or threat

Don't know if it's intentional, but I find the idea of having a really tiny level for this kind of shooter really appealing

You certainly succeeded in making it scary

I like the idea of the level appearing all around you


This looks promising. I hope you keep working on it

Very cool concept. Quite a twist on 'shooter'

This is a really interesting approach to stealth

Love the idea of taking something one step further (in this case, one step through!)

Reminds me of Drunken Robot Pornography. That's a good thing!

Clever. I liked it.

This was a really nice little experience

You have the foundation of something interesting here. Keep working on it!

Love the old school feel, love the colors

Cool idea, kinda really dig the music

Getting onto the first elevator is a bit hard, and it's not exactly clear why you should do it, but boy does the world open up after that!

I had a lovely little stroll through the forest :)

Dragon controls are a little unintuitive, but I like the concept!

I like the slow movement, it makes you feel vulnerable. Sure, it's a rough prototype, but I think you've got the core of something really cool here.

Yes. More bird simulators. Give all of them to me.

Extremely stylish. Well done.

Smooth as butter on my 768MB 460

The music almost made me wish there were no ufos to shoot and I could just soar throug the mountains

Love the retro

Wonderful mood