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Update! I somehow was able to make the entire zine in one sitting, with the gracious help of chat. You can read it here:

Hi, it's not an app you need to run, it's a javascript file you need to open in a text or code editor. 

Hi, what exactly is the problem you're having? The pages aren't showing at all? I believe this iteration of the reader automatically sets the resolution to the resolution of the images themselves. 146 images is a lot for the browser to load all at once, so maybe that's causing issues as well?

Incredible work. I was enraptured by every second of it

Absolutely! You'd need to read up on how iframes work in HTML, but that's how does it so there's no reason you can't either. There might be other ways to do it too, but unfortunately, as much as I was able to make this, my actual knowledge of HTML and CSS is quite bare bones.

I suppose that would be possible with HTML but personally I don't exactly know how

Any kind of notepad style program should work, though I would recommend something a little more feature rich like Notepad++ or even Visual Studio Code

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Are your png files titled the same as they were in the folder where Electric Zine Maker saved? It should be FRONT.png, INNERFRONT.png, BACK.png, and however many numbers are left.

this is great! Thank you very much for making this!

Thanks for the info. I'll be looking into this.

Are you sure you followed the instructions exactly? Did leave the file names as they were? This error should only appear if the images can't be found for some reason.

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Hi, this is only the second I've heard of this problem occurring. Could you tell me what platform you are using because I am unable to reproduce it. Also, are you embedding it on or using it on your own webpage?

That's a strange bug indeed! I don't have access to an iOS device, so I can't test it myself, but you could open an issue on the GitHub Page and maybe we can get some people in the community to take a look at it and get it sorted.

In your project settings, under Kind of project, have you set it to HTML?

I'm not sure if lets you run an html project in a devlog like that. I doubt it. I think the best thing to do would to just create a new page for the other language, and have the two pages link to each other.

are you sure index.html is in the zip? Remember, you need to zip up the entire folder, not just the Pages folder.

Hey there, what exactly are you having trouble with? Basic steps are: copying the PNG files from your EZM save folder into the pages folder, changing a single number is the js file if you're not using the default EZM format, and then uploading it as a .zip itch and adjusting some settings there.

Let me know where you're having trouble and I'll be happy to help

Testing with the latest version and everything is working as it should. Maybe you missed a step in the instructions? If there's any part of the instructions that's confusing, please let me know!

Hi, I believe you're trying to open the file in Windows directly. Try opening it with Notepad, that should allow you to edit it. If you have something like a code editor or Notepad++ that would be even better.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll add a clarification to the instructions 

Hi, Electric Zine Maker allows you to export as a PDF, which is great for sharing person to person but not as easy to host online etc. I made this so you can just drop in your saved images from EZM and have a nice looking and feeling digital booklet anyone can read. It's not exclusive or anything. Anyone is free to make their own app or website or whatever to show off their zines however they please. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

Hi, I tested it on the most recent version of EZM and everything still seems to be working as it should. Are you testing it on your local machine? Modern browsers don't let you load local resources such as images for security reasons. Have you tried uploading the project to an test page to see if it works there?

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the creator has removed a lot of their work from the internet and it's been lost to the void.

It might very well be possible if there are enough characters to replace. Problem is that you couldn't just type out your text.

Thanks so much for the support! I'm glad it resonated with you. I'm working on a better thumbnail so that could eventually work as a cartridge label. For questions, feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter.

This is like being one of those weird god-like beings they encounter in Star Trek

You make me wish I had friends. Great concept though, I was even able to shoot some bottles!

Cool idea and I like the look

I'm not exactly sure what was going on, but it sure does look cool

Interesting. I really like how it looks

I hope you keep working on this because it looks REALLY cool

Very well done

Love that there's no mouselook. That's how it used to be done!

This has a lot of polish for something made in 7 days. Well done!

They don't make games like this anymore. I'm glad you did!

Love the command line stuff, love the style

I thought this was another teleporting fps but boy did you prove me wrong. Clever level design!

This looks like it could be a lot of fun with a goal and/or threat

Don't know if it's intentional, but I find the idea of having a really tiny level for this kind of shooter really appealing

You certainly succeeded in making it scary

I like the idea of the level appearing all around you