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Thank you so much for this. I use it all the time for quick sound FX. Really happy to see it here on itch.

i'm not sure but feel free to email me for any keys -


Hey there thanks so much!

I don't know! A few people have been reporting that UnrealEngine built games are doing this all of a sudden. I think it must be something with Oculus app updates? As nothing in USB has changed since I originally posted it. I will do some research and see if I can't figure something out.

I guess the only thing now would be to unplug the Oculus headset? Does that fix it?

Nice!! I won! XD

Yes it's on the purchase page of the game. There's a button that says request key. Maybe it's only there the first time you buy it? I don't know. But anyway here is one. Hopefully you see this soon! 0KCRT-CMHKC-5DTZW

Hey there - From they say the following to find the Steam key - "Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page." Hope that helps! Thanks for checking this out!


A 3D 3rd person surreal adventure game with full controller support. Takes around an hour to finish.

You wake up as an alien from Karzalinx, not knowing what your name is or how you got there. Soon you discover that your planet has been taken over by a giant evil spa cult. You have to find a way to escape through a space-time ganglion that can take you to various alien colonies throughout the universe. Your goal is to get to Earth where aliens are attempting to right the wrongs of humans by doing things such as forcing former billionaires to put together Ikea furniture for regular people. Among all the confusion of a recently colonized planet you hear of a kidnapped scientist who can help you find out what your name stands for.

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Cool track! Working on a new spiritual successor to this game right now -


Hi there...what is Mina oh Andy? To play the game you need a windows gaming PC. You download it and use W/A/S/D to move around. The instructions are above. Thanks.

thanks so much!

Hey thanks! Working on a few more things for the spring

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Thanks for this. It's the same version. I just changed the description. I had some old text on there from a beta. 

Thanks for playing!


Thanks! No Mac release, sorry :-(

Hey just wanted to say thanks for this. I used a few things in my game here:

Thanks so much! Yeah no save system in this one. Still thinking about touching it up more so maybe I'll add one one of these days. 


Thanks for checking it out!

Playthrough from the future:

I just released the demo for a game I've been working on for the past year, Alien Afterlife.

It's a 3D adventure game made using UnrealEngine. There is a long 5 min intro (you can skip!) where you die and go into the after life. Aliens invade and prevent you from reincarnating. You go through different levels to find the pieces to the machine to reincarnate you again. The whole thing takes just an hour or so to play. Then there are extras at the end where you can play for high scores, buy art from a gallery and explore freely.

I would love to know how it runs on PCs other than mine! I have had some trouble with the player spawning in different places for example. I'd love any feedback on general gameplay, etc as well. Any comments are welcome and appreciated.

Minimum specs would probably be something like an Nvidia GTX 550, 8 gigs of ram, quad core processor. Ideal specs would be a gtx 750 or above.

Thanks so much for checking it out!!!!

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