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haha wow deep reference to the tiny merman fist XD  thx for that one

don't worry about it this one is free ,just enjoy it. it's too weird and short to cost money to check out lol thx tho

Hope you enjoy it!


Thx 🦕

oh cool thx so much! yeah workin on a new thing but won't be out until later next year. i put updates on twitter steam page should be up before this year ends.

wish i could get a bufo toad lol

if you got it in a bundle there's no steam key. if you purchased it, it's somewhere in your library maybe on the project page. itch doesn't make it super clear/obvious but it is there. there are plenty of keys left that i submitted.

the entire ost isn't in hard copy but Chris Parrello and Lobby Hotel (the musicians) did make a really nice LP of one of the tracks. you can pick it up here:

nice thanks so much! sorry the game can't run on your pc, tho! :(

haha yes! been waiting for someone from dayton to play this. 


thank you very much!

thanks again!!

Aw thanks so much for the support and nice comments! Keeps me going :)

thanks so much for playing and the nice comment :)

thanks so much for checking it out and making the vid! glad you enjoyed it!!


Hi be honest I have no idea. I have never seen this issue before. If there is any trouble I would delete and uncompressing again to a different folder or something. Thanks for checking it out!

Hey thanks!!

thanks so much for checking it out and making a video! 👽😎

new keys have been added

haha woah!


Thanks for this. The keys I originally put have ran out. Never thought it would have so many downloads! I will update as soon as I can!

I have no idea! I'm wondering why, too!

haha thx!

Congrats, Victor!

Congrats, Dewa!

Hey thanks!

thank you!

thx so much!!

thx so muchhh :)


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the musician decided the best way to listen to the soundtrack is by hitting the "simulate" option in the main menu.

Thank you so much for this. I use it all the time for quick sound FX. Really happy to see it here on itch.

i'm not sure but feel free to email me for any keys -


Hey there thanks so much!

I don't know! A few people have been reporting that UnrealEngine built games are doing this all of a sudden. I think it must be something with Oculus app updates? As nothing in USB has changed since I originally posted it. I will do some research and see if I can't figure something out.

I guess the only thing now would be to unplug the Oculus headset? Does that fix it?

Nice!! I won! XD

Yes it's on the purchase page of the game. There's a button that says request key. Maybe it's only there the first time you buy it? I don't know. But anyway here is one. Hopefully you see this soon! 0KCRT-CMHKC-5DTZW