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Jeremy B

A member registered Feb 13, 2022

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It's nice to see an how things unfold after you've set up your actions. That is a good puzzle game.
One neatpick is that maybe it's best to not show the level's flavor text on reset.

Mousetrap jump felt really satisfying.
I've got two cheeses (no idea what they do) and a big jar (also not clear what it does). Not sure if it's intended that enemies don't respawn after your death. Glad I didn't have to fight them again though.
I have found 1 invisible ledge and one place where you can almost jump on but not quite.

Mousetrap jump and the mouse character itself are the highlights for me.

Hey, this was fun. I've managed to hide in the fridge, so it's true to the genre! Design and graphics work very well for the gameplay. Sound effects are on point.
Would wish to see the score while playing and maybe some "spreading" of the "fun"

This game has good and positive vibes, and music is pretty pleasant, so I've spent some time SPREADING.
Does it becomes easier with each day at commute levels?

Nice title screen!
It was a bit hard for me to figure out that it is a flashlight on the table, I have somehow managed to get through the first room with the help of a description on this page.

Jump scare moment was on point.

Would be great to have a more familiar control scheme and have a visual feedback on having a flashlight before the "dark section"

Great game, I'm not much of a platformer player myself, however I did enjoy this one. Well executed!

Thanks for playing!
The "infection" is also spreading, unfortunately that mechanic is poorly represented with this build as it is very hard for "infected" to catch up with "cured".

Cause of death: Malaria.
Everything works, nice implementation of the genre. Like how antibody sticks to bacteria and a sound effect.
Played WebGL build in Firefox on Windows.

This UI within the world is great and fun to interact with, one thing I would add is an option to select a cultist to dot the job right after I clicked an assignment (or maybe I missed it?)
Printer run out of paper, or so they say ;)

I have manage to decipher some codes!
Would appreciate an option to examine spells when they are still.

It's a bit hard to play. With a timer and spells moving around you I'm just opting out for random action opposed to a calculated planning.

Hey, everything works! Understood what's going on pretty quickly and played a nice round. Can you destroy spawn folders?

This is a tightly made game, packed pleasant experience I'll keep on my desktop.

Liked all characters and pacing is perfect for the jam, game made me smile.
Main character blends with environment a bit.

Very cute and relaxing, did ejoy walking around with a friend bee. Game might benefit from something to show overall progress. There is also a small technical issue when you doubleclick to pour rain.