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Miraculous Bean

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Holy crap this VN was actually AMAZING. I'm really looking forward to the full. It's hard to find VNs like these and I'm soo glad I downloaded this one. I literally love every single character in here, and the art is SO beautiful, and the MC is just too funny. I love her crazy boy obsession. Even though it's just a demo it is automatically one of my favorite VNs. Keep up the great work! :DD And will the full version cost money?

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Gah! I've been looking for a romantic comedy visual novel for so long, and this one is just perfect! The characters, the art style (which looks absolutely godly), and just the plot itself. It's quite unique and very interesting. Also, I don't think I have ever loved the heroine so much before. Natsu is an amazing character, and usually I find the heroine to be annoying but I love her! I was in love with every character in here, even the hooded man! (I know, I'm weird) and it was hard to pick one but I had to go with lovely Grouchy-sama <3 Everything about this is just dfbs\fb\kejfh.uqef astounding!! xD

I'm so excited for the full version! *^* Is there a release date for the full version yet?? I'd love to follow up with the development of this game because the demo was AMAZING. I mean, it is automatically one of my favorite VN, even though it's just a demo... that's how well made this was. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to seeing more Konbini Life!! *squeals*