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and the bomb costs 5 billon not 10.

and the bomb gives you 25 million not 50.

The missile does not work I click and it does not give me 2.5 mil per second it just does nothing

same I miss clicked so I had to do the same for others.

I also refreshed :/


oh ok its just that i did not see it go up by 2.

sorry for being 2 years to late but it does because the A.I said that after he/she was finished then he/she would not need you anymore so when you finish it then he/she kills you because you are not needed anymore.

guys do not ascend it makes you start over and you don't get anything in return.

Ok thank you.

Your welcome.

Crime Syndicate community · Created a new topic game

its cool and good.

does level 2 even exist?

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hmm maybe nerf the  starter axe or make it so you get the axes when you craft them.


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I have World Record and can you add a save button as I clicked refresh by accident and now I have to start over from 0 and I clicked 10,000 times. Sad :(

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2 Billon Pizzzas

1100 Pizza Oven, 1100 Cooks, 1100 Finger Gun's, 1100 Toppings.
2,000,324,636 Pizzas. =
2 Billion 3 hundred  and 24 thousand 6 hundred 36 Pizzas.
Hope I spelled it right.