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2 Billon Pizzzas

1100 Pizza Oven, 1100 Cooks, 1100 Finger Gun's, 1100 Toppings.
2,000,324,636 Pizzas. =
2 Billion 3 hundred  and 24 thousand 6 hundred 36 Pizzas.
Hope I spelled it right.

Most pizzas I've ever seen :o

Oh wow, that's a lot of pizzas :0

I got to 31 billion pizzas twice, but both times I lost all my progress because my computer restarted. I was also getting the shop things to 2,000, but I accidentally clicked another time on Finger Guns, so I had 2,001 and just changed everything else to 2,001 for pizza ovens, cooks, finger guns, and toppings and accepted defeat. 

same I miss clicked so I had to do the same for others.

I also refreshed :/