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You can also enlarge (nearest neighbor) the image to 300%. This will give you the proper tile size without losing any of the pixel integrity/quality.

Another screen shot using my Darkwyck tileset I'm developing. The lighting effects are done with an RPG Maker plugin:

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Usually I hate the way my RPG "mountains" or "hills" turn out, but this isn't too bad. I want to fix the square corners on the tops though, and give the steps more character, less uniform.

Edit: improved the stairs a bit. Now at least they look like stairs and not a ladder. I'll work on it a bit more.

I think I have enough resources now to finally start working on the first chapter. Obviously there will be many more edits and changes to what I already have...

Another WIP screen shot with a couple of roaming enemies.

I decide to switch spriting/animation apps to DragonBones from Spriter due to my need for meshes. I hope they keep it free. I draw the layers enormous in Photoshop, then transfer the art to DragonBones to do the animation, then shrink it down to size. Here are a couple of samples:

Did some more assets/tiles today, including this hut in Photoshop. My efforts with Spriter to design the sprite animations is working great too, I'll post one of them soon.

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I decided to switch my efforts over to an RPG Maker game with hand painted assets as well as the pixel art. These are mostly all original assets. Still looking for a name. Oddly enough, the hand painted asset approach takes about the same amount of time that the pixel art does. Here are some screenshots of some WIP: