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You mentioned it on our game page, but were definitely inspired by Obra Dinn's 1-bit technique. There were some really interesting tutorials on how that effect was achieved (e.g.

Here's a before and after with the shader applied. Real glad we didn't need to account for camera motion, as that would've made things a lot harder.

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That's a great compliment, thanks Spainmail! This was our first time making a game in this style, and the characters really took on a life of their own by the end.

Thanks so much!! We had a lot of fun writing it!

If you do a second playthrough, don't forget the fast forward and rewind buttons if you want to play around with the different choices (`=` and `backspace` respectively.

With the correct choices, you can shift the blame onto one of those mean people...  🤔🤔

Awesome! The sprites were made by @gmspectre1, we really like them too.

We're really happy you got to play the game. If you get the chance, please share it with your friends. It'll help us out a lot!