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Michael Bacon

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I just saw you posted this game, it looks amazing! I'll get it up on the website today :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the jam, and thanks so much for participating! I'm going to keep the website going so the resources will be there for everyone in the future too.  I'd love to run more jams in the future too, we'll see :)

This is really cool! I just linked to it on the website :)

I think my favorite parts are the way the joker mixes things up, and the idea of the GM having a 3 card hand for scene changes. Very neat! The only thing from a design viewpoint that's not clear is what 'number' aces, kings, jacks, queens etc are worth? Like if I play a king, is that an 11, a 13, a 0? 

But other than that minor bit, the rules are crystal clear. I like that you went on midjourney and generated some extra art for the piece too! Very neat results.

Thanks so much for submitting this, I can't wait to try it out with some friends :)

This game is excellent! The monster types are super cool (plus the names!) and I can tell the bonus challenge is gonna make for some really great, impactful play.

I do have a little trouble reading the text though, especially where the background is dark and the contrast is low. If you have time, it'd be cool to get a second file that's easier to read!

That said, I bet people are going to have  a lot of fun playing as weirdcute spacemonsters, and I'm really glad you submitted it :)

I just checked and definitely lets you submit multiple, and of course the game jam is about making things, so make as many as you like!

Hans this is really cool, you've inspired me!

I want to make a section linking to people's submissions and add it to the jam website, so folk can see all the cool things people make for the jam.

Is it okay if I link to this game?

Oh my gosh, this is amazing!

I love the physicality involved with drawing your own race course, the dice rules are fun, and the little touches you've done to translate the layout into something meaningful-- the GO FAST! And you used the same style as the header font! 

I really want to play this game, thank you so much for making it :)

I'm glad you like the game! I do still have a few of the deluxe copies from the kickstarter lying around, though I've not set up a storefront for them.

I'd be happy to sell you one if you're interested, DM me on twitter @JeckDev or email me ( baconmichael87 at the mail website google runs,  I'm hoping phrasing it that way prevents bots from spamming me ) and we can exchange address/payment details.

What a delightful little game you've made, I'm so glad I was able to buy it! 

Thank you for spending the time to make this, and thank you for putting it up on itch. You do good work, and I hope you can keep making the things you want to make :)

Queer games are the best kind of games. Thanks for making this one :)